Release Notes May 2023

Date: May 1, 2023

Release (2023-01A)

Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes, and bug fixes. New tutorials and product videos are available at

Release Highlights

A new setting was added to allow Markup to be used at the item level in the BOM calculator at the line item level. Currently, the cost of the item is used at the calculator level and the markup is added to the accumulated cost. Mothernode customers can now opt to use markups at the line item level as well. In this new scenario, multiple markups will be used in the calculations.

• Markups can be added to individual BOM items in the pricing calculator. This includes the ability to display and edit as well as use or not use a markup item in the BOM Pricing list.

• Equipment and equipment assignments have been added to the installation work orders. Users can assign people to equipment and track time. Time tracking (clocks) along with time overrides have been added to installations for improved job costing that now includes installation work order times.

• Department timers were added to the job board that allows individuals to add their time to a department. Real-time clocks now display time in progress. Job cards also include real-time clocks and multiple users can be added to job time as well. Multiple users can be added to a department and their collective time in that department is accumulated against the job.

• Updates have been made for progress invoicing that now allow for commissions to be paid on included items.

• A new Job Entry screen has been added and is accessible from the Job Board. This screen provided a more focused departmental view for users to quickly start, stop or add time for jobs within a specific department. Production documents and filters are also available. This new view is also accessible on the Mothernode mobile app for users that have permission to access it.

• New views have been added for production personnel that omits all financial information from jobs.

• Star ratings were added to vendors and Purchase Orders. 1-5 stars and include an indicator of how many people (users) within your organization rated the vendor. Example: ***** (4)

• Additional job costing reports have been added quotes (for estimating), orders, and orders in production. These reports are dependent on BOM pricing and Work Centers for labor estimates also used for production scheduling to produce actual vs. estimated cost variances.

• Mothernode Mobile App was updated to include installation work order calendars and jobs, time tracking features as well as production entry screens and time tracking features. Users can now use Mothernode mobile to take photos of jobs in the field for completed installations as well as jobs in production that will be attached to the orders.

Additional Enhancements

Work Order Calendar search functions have been moved to the top of the display, enhanced and expanded for more and faster search capabilities, so you can quickly drill down to the work orders you need to view, edit and schedule. To enable this, set the user to work center view in the user profile.

• The Leads and Opportunities list has been enhanced to include Construct Connect project data from the Leads list by clicking the Construct Connect logo (if applicable).

• The Actions dropdown in the Leads and Opportunities record has been enhanced to allow quick printing of the lead summary and quick addition of lead notes.

• The Leads and Opportunities Cardview display has been enhanced to load cards faster and load more cards into the Selling Stage columns.

• The Deposit Invoices list has been enhanced for more efficient filtering, including filtering by the office for customers that have multiple offices/divisions.

• New opportunities can be created quickly from the Contacts list using the 3-dot menu on the right side of the list.

• Installation Work orders have been updated with new functionality that now allows for more than one person to be assigned to a work order. Additionally, the multi-trip functionality has been retired and users are now required to make a unique work order for each trip. This new process now helps account for equipment assigned to jobs.

• Improvements have been made to the installation work order calendar that makes it easier to search for scheduled resources and equipment.

• Accounting users can update the Invoice – Payment Due date as needed, within the Invoice header tab.

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