Updating inventory items in Mothernode

Over time, Mothernode customers may want to make updates to their inventory items such as material cost, components, or finished goods. You can make changes to your inventory items in the inventory record itself. Once the changes are saved all inventory items added to transactions from that point forward will […]

Setting QuickBooks Tax Rates in Mothernode

When syncing transaction records to QuickBooks you’re going to need to make sure the correct tax rate is set up in QBO or QBD before sending. You can either add new rates within the Mothernode CRM transaction, which will add the tax rate code to your QuickBooks account or modify […]

QuickBooks Desktop Setup for Mothernode CRM

Companies that use QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) can seamlessly integrate their Mothernode account with their QBD account to electronically transfer Mothernode Invoices and Purchase Orders (MN Enterprise Edition) or Motherndoe Quotes to QBD using all other Mothernode Editions. QuickBooks Desktop Setup To get started there are a few QBD setup items […]

Currency Codes and Exchange Rates

Mothernode CRM users who are selling outside their country can have access to current exchange rate information displayed in the transaction header and converted into the foreign currency based on the billing country. They can also communicate the currency in which their goods and services are being priced by using […]

Adding POs to Completed Orders

In certain circumstances, some Mothernode users might need to add additional Purchase Orders to a completed order. In this situation, there are a few processes users will need to observe, which are outlined below. Note that only processes within Mothernode are addressed in this article. Outside accounting processes may also […]

Setting up Mothernode Add-in for Outlook

Mothernode CRM provides a slick and highly capable Add-in for Outlook users for both Mac and Windows platforms. Users should note the add-in is only available for use for Mothernode customers who want to connect their Outlook 365 account, Outlook.com account, or Microsoft Exchange accounts. All other users should use […]