Using Job Cards

Mothernode Job cards are used to schedule and manage various jobs within and order. Each line item gets its own Job Card for scheduling and managing. For practical purposes, you can combine line items that will go through the same workflow, using the groupings option. See grouping items for production […]

Submitting line items for production

Mothernode includes an optional production module that allows for sales orders to enter into a fabrication process before being shipped and invoiced. Even with the production modules activated, not all orders or line items have to go through the production processes. If your workflow requires your products to be fabricated […]

Production Orders Overview

Production Orders Production Orders (or Orders in Production) are essentially Sales Orders that have been submitted to the shop for building, construction, assembly, or fabrication. Production Orders are optional and used to track shop orders and can include some or all line items from within the sales order. Orders in […]

Ready for Production

Ready for Production Mothernode’s Ready for Production Module (RFP) is a  listing screen of all orders that include line items that need to be submitted to the shop for production.  This process is initiated by the user in the (sales) Order. Once the order (all or some of its line […]

Grouping Items for Production

Mothernode gives shop managers the ability to create jobs for production that allow the grouping of line items that use parallel workflows. For example, an order with 3 line items that each include a quantity of 10 can be combined into a single job, containing all 30 items if they […]

Production Dashboard Work Centers

Mothernode’s Production Dash (List view) is one of many ways Shop Managers can stay on task with everything they have currently being worked on in all departments along with their status. Shop managers and production personnel can easily filter on the jobs and orders they want to see and get […]

Adding Images to Transaction Line Items

Mothernode CRM gives users the ability to add images to their transactions, giving their customers a visual representation of goods and services offered. Using images is optional and doesn’t have to be used in every instance. Line item images are available in Quotes, Orders, Purchase Orders, and Works Orders. Images […]

QuickBooks Sales Tax

QuickBooks Sales Tax When importing into QuickBooks, you will need to manually enter sales tax percentages into your Sales Tax line items. The way QuickBooks is designed, sales tax line items must manually be assigned a percentage and a payee. When exporting from Mothernode to either QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks […]

Release Notes February 2020

Date: February 2020 Release (2019-02A) Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new modules, features, enhancements, workflow changes, and bug fixes. New tutorials and product videos […]

Mobile CRM Overview

Mothernode Mobile CRM is a companion to every Mothernode CRM User’s account. Available for iOS and Android, Mothernode CRM Mobile delivers a rich user experience comparable to the full desktop app. Mothernode CRM Customers can download the app for their respective devices here: Apple IOS App Store Android Google Play […]