Creating Prepayment Invoices

A Prepayment Invoice is a type of invoice that allows you to bill a customer for goods or services before they have been provided. This can be helpful in a number of situations, such as when you need to order materials in advance or when you’re invoicing for a long-term […]

Adding transaction dates to your calendar

Have you ever forgotten to follow up with a client after a Quote was due, or wondered when an order was going to ship? With Mothernode, users can now add important transaction dates to their calendars for follow-ups and reminders. This allows businesses to keep track of vital information and […]

Release Notes September 2022

Date: September 19, 2022 Release (2022-01A) Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes, and bug fixes. New tutorials and product videos […]

How to improve the deliverability of your emails

If you’re noticing that your emails are going straight to your recipient’s spam folder, it’s likely because you don’t have DMARC records added to your domain. DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, and it’s an email authentication protocol that helps to ensure that your emails are coming […]

Construction Details

For Mothernode customers who manufacture goods, whether it’s standard or custom products, Mothernode CRM includes additional, optional features that allow users to include more specific product details that can be used as reference material throughout the production process. Construction Details provide Mothernode users with the ability to upload construction and […]

Estimating Time and Labor

How to Estimate and Cost Time and Labor in Mothernode CRM Important: Work Centers and Workflows are exclusive to Mothernode CRM Enterprise Edition. When creating product assemblies in Mothernode CRM users have the ability to add multiple BOM components to build a single finished good, and they can also add […]