Release Notes Fall 2023

Release (2023-01A)

Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes, and bug fixes. Some of these features were introduced throughout the year and are now formally assigned a release. New tutorials and product videos are available at

  • Production Notes were added to the Production Time Entry module and are visible in the Job Board.
  • Users can now drag and drop items around the production calendar instead of re-adding the job to the calendar.
  • Users can now drag and drop jobs around the production calendar in month view.
  • External Files links have been added to transaction line items and inventory items that allow users to provide external links to production artwork located on local and network drives. External links can also be used to reference external URLs.
  • Divisions have been added as an option for companies that want to share the same customer, vendor, and transaction information, and separate them by group or company without using offices. Classes have also been added to divisions that can be used when syncing with QuickBooks.
  • The inventory quantity available has been adjusted to account for stock levels in multiple divisions.
  • Departments have been added as an optional layer to assign work centers to. These departments are visible when adding BOM items under both the Materials Tab and Labor Tabs. Departments are an optional layer to place work centers into.
  • Users can now be added to work centers.
  • Team Selling options have been added to account for more than one sales rep on a job. Up to 3 sales reps can be added to a transaction.
  • The BOM Tab was updated in the Production Module to allow users to add and replace materials
  • Products and Services has been renamed to Services
  • Users can now add and swap out materials in Installation Work Orders.
  • A new multiplier has been added to inventory which converts products from units sold to units purchased.
  • When adding BOM items to inventory, users can select from stock in multiple locations.
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