Setting your Home Page

Users can set their default home page screen to any module within Mothernode. Module home pages are listing screens that contain recent records, which are typically accessible from the navigation menu. Using this feature is ideal for users who often work in one specific module. For example, sales reps can set their home screen to leads and opportunities, while customer service reps can set the case module to be their home screen.

By default, the My Day page is the landing page, but users can change this in their user profile. The pages you can set as your landing page will be depend on your Mothernode subscription, because not all editions include the same modules.

Your default home screen will always be accessible by clicking the home button in the top left corner.

Users can set their home pages to the following modules

  • My Day (Default)
  • Customers
  • Contacts
  • Leads and Opportunities
  • Quotes
  • Cases
  • Work Orders
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Purchasde Orders
  • Sales Management Dashboard
  • Marketing Dashboard

Setting your home screen

  1. Open your account profile
  2. Select from the list of options available in your home screen

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