Mothernode CRM Updates – April 6 2012 (Release 20122a)

New Updates

Date: April 6, 2012

April 2012 – Release (2A)

Users should take note of the following important changes and updates now available. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes.


Release Overview

  • My Day screen has replaced the previous home page.
  • Vendor Modules have been updated and now replicate Customer Modules.
  • Deposit Invoices module now displays all transactions with deposits.
  • Tabulating security now let’s Admins control which tab sets in the navigation users have access to.
  • New capabilities in the advanced search were added.
  • Recurring calendar events have been included.
  • Users can now subscribe to other users’ applications calendar events.
  • Change order functions have been added to processed orders.
  • New Sales Performance reports are delivered via email have been added.





My Day Screen

The My Day screen has been added as the default home page for all users.  New My Day screens have been created for Project Managers and Accounting users that contain relevant real-time transactional summaries in the header. Only Administrators can adjust your My Day header screen by selecting from the Dashboard Totals drop down in User Accounts from an Administration Tab.

Tasks have also been added to the My Day screen and display a list of upcoming tasks assigned to the session user.


Vendor Module

The newly design Vendor Module replicates the look and feel of the Customer Account module, including the following new features:

Users can now journal their interactions with vendors by creating events and subscribing to them in their calendar.

You can now add as many contacts to your vendors and are no longer restricted to role-based contacts previously available.


Deposit Invoice Module

A new Deposit Invoice Module has been added to effectively track all deposit activity in quotes, orders and invoices. You can receive deposits directly from this screen.


Tabulating Security Policy

New security features have been added and are available to administrators. Administrators can control which tab sets users should have access to. Users who don’t have access to certain modules will not be able to reference any records to those particular modules, but will still see the record number and summary information.

Note: that all tabs are available by default, Admins will have to enable this ability for each user in the user profile. This feature can be accessed in the Administration>User Profiles> Permissions (Tab)


Advanced Search

Saved Searches have been modified and include the following updates;

  • Saved searches are now immediately accessible. Users no longer need to access them from the Advanced Options Drop Down.
  • Default saved searches have been added to some modules that give users access to more common search requirements, especially in Sales Management modules.
  • Admins can now share popular or standard saved searches with their other users.
  • Note: You can alter the default available searches, but will overwrite that default with your new search.
  • New search criteria have been added in some of the fields available in the advanced search



Users can now make recurring calendar events that will be available on their My Day Page, and any calendar subscriptions for Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCal. These recurring events are available in Leads and Opportunities, Customers, Contacts and Vendors and are ideal for recurring project meeting.



Users can now subscribe to other user calendars in the application for events and tasks due dates. A few notes about this feature:

  • These calendar events will only appear in your calendar subscriptions and NOT in your My Day Screen.
  • The My Day screen is only intended to display activity specific to the session user.


Change Order Added to Orders in Project Management

The change order functionality currently available in the Production Modules has now been added to the Orders in Project Management. Users can now make changes to orders after they have been processed and are required to note the change. The result will notify the PM and Sales Rep assigned to the order and includes the ability to notify others. Notification will be sent via email once the change has been made.


Sales Reports

Administrators can designate specific users to receive weekly sales reports that communicate their progress towards their current goals, as well as copy sales managers. Viewing this email in your web browser will give users access to real-time charts that do not display in email (in the email, click view in browser). These reports are dispatched every Monday and are designed to help Sales Reps plan their week as well as give Sales Managers updated information for their Monday sales meetings.




  • Priority column was added to the leads and opportunities list.
  • You can now upload proposals and external documents to leads and opportunities
  • Files tabs in the Customer Profile and Leads and Opportunities are now badged, so you can see the number of available files attached to the record.
  • Search field was added to Web Forms and Products and Services
  • You can now search on processed orders in the orders Advanced Search.
  • Mothernode logo was removed from web form footer
  • Administrators can now determine which users can be added to sales analytics
  • New, bigger warning message has been added to batch updating.
  • Status logging was added to tasks.
  • Updates were made to the value lists so you can delete values that were imported, not displaying in the value list.
  • Users can now import to custom fields.
  • Smart Tasks now appear when leads are created from web forms.
  • Login Error messages have been added to error codes.
  • Record import functionality has been added to Locations in the Customer Profile.
  • Add Templates was added in Smart Tasks.


Bug Fixes

  • There was a problem when navigating through a filtered search in Leads and Opportunities. When a record was edited the applied filter was reset. This has been fixed.
  • A problem with the PO export to QuickBooks has been corrected.
  • Advanced search criteria in Ready for Production have been corrected.
  • Misc. fixes in Custom Report criteria.
  • Quotes created from orders weren’t displaying the default T&C. This has been corrected.
  • Converting a lead to a customer only worked when the user was in the header tab and has been fixed.
  • Description field was being excluded in the leads import. This has been corrected.
  • Various system-generated warnings have been addressed and their related bugs fixed.
-The Mothernode Development Team
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