Mothernode CRM Updates – August 9, 2011 (Release 20111a)

New Updates in Mothernode
Date: August 9th, 2011

August 2010 Release

Users should take note of the following important changes and updates that have been made to Mothernode. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. There will be random smaller publishes that will be released throughout the remainder of the month. These updates will be officially announced in the next release notes, unless they require immediate notice.



  • Quotes, Orders, POs, and Invoices Advanced Search function:  Users can now filter by the total dollar amount of the record.


  • Packing slips have been updated to include the backorder qty per line item.

Purchase Orders

  • Purchase Orders Entry tab has been updated to allow users to import the MOOS xml file.  This is the same import function that is found  in Orders and Quotes.


  • Production users can now auto schedule the entire order whereas before users were limited to schedule one line item at a time.
  • The scheduling calendar has been updated to display scheduled information more clearly and include the total value of the line items by workcenter by day.
  • The Production Ribbon has been updated to include Ready for Production, Orders in Production, Workcenters, Ship/Install, Inventory and Purchase Orders.
  • The Production Landing Page has been updated to include several new Dash Board items including; Production Overview, Workcenter Details and Late Orders.


  • Inventory Bundles have been added to the Inventory module. The Bundles feature allows users to group multiple inventory items together into a single Bundle. When a bundle is added as a line item, a empty parent item is added to the Quote or Order, with the associated Inventory Items added as subsequent Sub-Line Items. Restrictions and Notes: Inventory Bundles can not include other Inventory Bundles. Once added to a quote or order, the parent item of a bundle cannot be modified from the Quote or Order. Users must remove the bundle item and add it again.

Misc. Fixes

  • SPO: The barcode in the SPO header was overlapping the Item Name.  This issue has been resolved by moving the barcode to the center of the SPO header.
  • Inventory: Miscellaneous issues when assigning a Company to an Inventory item were identified and corrected.
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