Mothernode CRM Updates – May 2018 (Release 20181a)

Release Notes May 2018 (Release 20181a)

Date: May 28, 2018

IMPORTANT: There is a significant update to Mothernode CRM Lead Capture Forms. Customers using lead capture forms on their website, blogs or landing pages, should check to make sure your forms are displaying correctly. We don’t anticipate disruptions, but cannot account for all design configurations. You will see aesthetic changes to your web forms.

Release (20181a)

Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes and bug fixes. This release also includes new security updates.

Revisions have been made to the Mothernode Privacy Policy that pertains to the sharing of information with third-party applications via Mothernode integrations or Mothernode APIs.

• Disabled users will no longer appear when creating new transactions. They will still appear in older transactions. When searching transactions by user, you now can choose to include or exclude disabled users.

• This new release includes integration with Xero Accounting – Customers can now send Mothernode Invoices and Purchase Orders to Xero.

• Users can now email PDF proposals created in the quote module, just as they can the actual quote itself.

• Mothernode Lead Capture Forms have been completely redesigned from the ground up. The frontend style has been updated with a more modern look that compliments most of today’s website styles and designs. Users will note more controls and features have been added in the form creation process.

  • More flexible form design options, including Form Feld controls, height, custom lengths, colors, font sizes, etc.
  • Button stylizing to match your website design
  • Advanced options to add your own CSS (for website designers)
  • New form controls

• An update has been made in Ready for Invoice that accounting departments should take note of. When orders are partially invoiced users will sometimes see a green checkmark next to partial invoices. When you see partial invoices that have green checkmarks next to them, this means that the order is 100% completed and there are no more partials.

• Administrators now have the option to edit Sales Rep and Project Manager lists in Quotes, Orders, Work Orders and Customers and Contacts. This new feature will shorten lengthy user lists and filter out users who would never be assigned ownership of one of these records.

• New Notifications have been added for Sales Managers who dispatch Leads to other users. These notifications will update the user who dispatches the lead when updates are made and comments are posted. These notifications can be turned on by clicking My Account>Notifications.

• Additional options have been added for ConstructConnect customers that let users email their ConstructConnect lists to Mothernode. This process will automatically add the contents of the ConstructConnect file to their Mothernode Projects Module. Users can also import project data from their ConstructConnect export files.

• When printing Quotes, there is a new Quote template that includes a discount column for line items. IMPORTANT: This update is not applicable to customers with custom PDF transactions.

• Updates were made to the website visitor tracking that can now potentially include the name of the company domain visiting your website when this information is available. You can also easily color code each of your domains. Users can now ignore IPs such as bots and mute tracking notifications.

• Users can now print notes located in the Special Instructions tab within Quotes, Orders, and Invoices.

• Users can now apply custom tax rates to Locations.

• Tax rates now have a new setting that allows admins to override tax rates with their own tax rate.

• When sending emails to Leads and Opportunities, Customers and Contacts, users can now BCC all the contacts assigned to the record.

• Users can add associated contacts to cases.

• Saved Advanced Searches no longer display the search criteria when executed. Users can access the search criteria by selecting Advanced Search from the Advanced Options listing. This was done to conserve screen space when filtering on saved searches.

• When adding associated contacts you can search now search by company.

• New bid options have been added to Leads and Customers and can be used to track bidders on projects in the leads and opportunities. By default, these options are not available and must be activated in the module tab controls (Adminsitration>Settings>Tab Settings). In the leads and opportunities, this lets users assign multiple general contractors to the opportunity to keep track of the bidding parties. In the customer profile, the bid history tab displays all the opportunities that customer has been included on as a bidder.

• Users can now print deposit invoices directly from the print options in the quotes. You can select the deposit invoice from the drop-down menu in the print dialog box.

• Misc. bug fixes and improvements.

– The Mothernode Team!


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