Mothernode CRM Updates – February 5 2010 (Release 20101a)

New Updates in Mothernode
Date: February 5th, 2010

February 2010 Release
Users should take note of the following important changes and updates that have been made to Mothernode. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. There will be random smaller publishes that will be released throughout the remainder of the month. These updates will be officially announced in the next release notes, unless they require immediate notice.


-Orders, POs and Invoices Dashboards have been implemented into Mothernode.  A Status filter has also been added to Performance Dashboards, giving users the ability to manipulate reporting options.

-All WIP Reports have been updated to include Production MH/MO and Installation MH/MO Totals.

-The value of N/A has been added to the status field within Tasks.

– Shipment Numbers (Ship No.) are now accessible as links to the associated packing slips in the following areas: Ship/Install Tab within a Company Profile, History tab of an Order, and Pricing Breakdown tab within an Invoice

-All tab sections within a Company Profile have been merged together in an effort to reduce scrolling for the user.

-All newly created tasks, as well as existing tasks, accessed from a record now opens in a new browser window.

-The login screen text color has been darkened to match the darker text color in Mothernode.

-In the Contact Profile, the label of “use company address” has been changed to “use parent company address”.

Leads and Ops

-The Lead Action Log Date Range default has been extended from ten days out to thirty days out.

-Leads distributed from Corporate are now indicated as such by way of a flag, displayed at the top of the page of a particular Lead or Opp.


-The Quote Reference has been added to the Quote List (landing page).

-The “Calc” link, from within the Standard Products form, has been replaced with the Calculator icon to match the icon in Free-form and Service Item forms.

-The Markup Text Box is now inline with other Text Boxes in the Free-form, Standard Products, and Service Item forms.

-The label of Unit Price has been changed to Unit Cost in the Service Item form.



-The Quote Ref field has been removed from the Order Header Tab. The Quote Reference is currently available from the Summary Section from within the Order.


Purchase Orders

-The Payments Tab has been removed from PO section.


-Advanced Search capability has been added to the Inventory List.

-Inventory Profiles can now be printed as a PDF.

-The Inventory List can now be printed.

Known issues with production module currently in development for next release or in ad-hoc releases

-The Palm Pre has been added as a recognized mobile browser in Mothernode

-When choosing to create PO’s from within an Order, there was not a convenient way to cancel the action and return to the Order.  A cancel (“X”) button has been added to the PO, allowing the user to cancel the action.

Misc. Fixes

-When adding a Company Location, the Estimated Lead Time (Est. Lead Time ) field is no longer a required field.

-When creating a new Company, Mothernode now checks for possible duplicates in Locations and Projects as well.

-While in Smart Task, a minor issue found when selecting a new account has been identified and corrected.

-When creating a new vendor, a minor issue found when attempting to share the vendor but locally managing the vendor, has been identified and corrected.

-A modification has been made so that the option to allow other affiliates to be able to manage a vendor is not available unless that vendor is shared to other affiliates.

-When searching for a vendor product from the vendor catalog, a minor issue was identified and corrected.

-When creating a new Vendor Profile, its category will now default to “Vendor”

-When creating a new Vendor Profile, its status will now default to “OK”.

-When creating a new Opportunity from the Company Profile, the Opportunity now lists in the Opportunity Tab of the Company Profile.

-Minor issues found within the Printer Friendly version of the Message center have been identified and corrected.

-The label in the Shipping Tab of a Company Location was previously mislabeled as Billing Contact instead of Shipping Contact.  This has been corrected.

-In the Inventory Advanced Search, “My Selection” filter is lost when entering a single record view.  This has been modified so that the “My Selection” option remains available.


In development for January Release
Future features currently being developed include;
-Advanced Accounting features (Credit Memos, Memorized Transactions, and Independent Invoices)
-Quickbooks Integration
-Custom Reporting from Leads, Quotes, PO’s, and Invoices as We are currently working on custom reports.  Users will be able to define the fields to display in a custom report from Leads, Quotes, Orders, POs and Invoices.

The Mothernode Development Team

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