Mothernode CRM Updates – January 26 2009 (Release 20091a)

New Updates in Mothernode – Jan 26th, 2009

Users should note that the following updates, fixes, and modifications have been made available in Mothernode.

1. “&” ampersand now print correctly on records and are appear in search results correctly. Previously records that contained “&” in the company name would not appear in search results.

2. Location Names are no long unique fields. Users can create different company accounts with the same project location name.

3. Project/Location address now has the feature to apply the parent company’s address to the Project/Location record.

4. Quotes, Orders, Invoices PDF printouts now display the correct company for the Project/Location.  Previously displaying the parent company name.

5. When issuing a Purchase Order to  an ASI affiliate, the DBA business name was being used, this is now replaced with “ASI-Location name”, i.e.  ASI-Dallas (Modulex has been omitted from the company name because of the upcoming brand change.

6. Dollar amounts in order lists were including taxes, even if tax exempt: corrected to reflect accurate amount.

7. In service items, items tagged as NA no longer are assigned to Exterior.

8. Previously if a zip code that is longer than 5 digits is entered into Mothernode, it will return a Tax Percentage of 0%.  This issue has been resolved and Mothernode now looks up the first five digits in a Zip Code field.


  • Company Legal Name:  The company legal added to the Affiliate Profile. This will print in all footers that contain the company address.
  • House Account:  The house accounts check box in the Create a New Company wizard is removed. If a house account is required, create user for House Account and make them a sales consultant. Since a house account use isn’t real, he or she will not
  • Project and Locations (Logic modified):
    • Changes to some fields were made in the project/locations to improve the logic and usability of the records.
    • Location Profiles are now identified with the following fields:
      • Parent Company:  This is an un-modifiable field and shows which company the project location is associated with.
      • Location Company:  Identifies the name of the location company. This could be the same name as the parent.
  • Customer Notes:  On the landing page, the notes tab is now active. Users can now create notes for individual locations. The notes field allows users to include a title reference and automatically stamps the date and authors name. In addition, users can filter notes for specific locations.  Note:  Once the Location Tabs are complete, notes respective to the location you are viewing will be available.

Quotes, Orders, and Invoices

  • Quotes, Orders and Invoices now display Location Company in the record header. Project names and/or details are now be indicated in the REF fields in the quotes and order headers.
  • Quotes, Orders and Invoices now have a Check Number field.
  • List Filters:  The Advance List Filter that is currently available in Orders is now available in Quote Lists.
  • Reassigning Project/Locations:  Users can now reassign Projects/Locations to Quotes, Orders, and Invoices. The process of reassigning a Project/Location clears the existing address and contact information in the billing and shipping information selected in the record. Users will need to reselect the correct billing and shipping information for the record.
  • Change Company Name (Only in Quotes):  You can now assign a quote to another company.
  • Quote Listing Now Searchable:  Users can now search quotes by quote number and company. Advanced search functions will follow.
  • Process Orders:  Warning dialog added when Process Order is clicked.
  • Recall Order (Temporary):  In the event that users need to edit an order submitted to production, a “Recall Order” button has been added to the order record.
  • Orders Filters and Export to Excel:  Orders are now searchable by order number. There is also an advanced search available that enables user to search order by multiple criteria, such as data, project manager, status, etc.
  • Order Header:  Order Header has been modified to display the Ship Date, Install Date, and Completed Date fields.
  • Installation Work Orders:  Project Managers can now print installation work orders in the Install Work Order tab of the Order. Administrators should define all the installation requirements ASAP, review them with their teams and update them in the Mothernode Controls> Value lists.
  • Packing Slips:  Packing slips are generated in the Orders/Ship Install Tab in the Ship History. A packing slip is available for each line item in the shipment history.
  • Invoice Header:  Invoice Header has been modified to display the Ship Date and Install Date fields.
  • Invoice List:  Advance Search filters are available in the Invoice List.  The Advance Search Function filters by criteria that can be found in the Invoice Header.

Known Issues
1. Login page will not retain the user password. There is an issue with the Mothernode cookie not saving.

2. Invoices should line items should be able to reclassify taxable and non-taxable.

To Be Developed
The following have been addressed as necessary functions and are currently being developed:

  • Recalling packing slips to make changes to shipments.
  • Voiding Invoices.
  • Being able to add service items to Invoices and edit taxable /non-taxable.
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