Mothernode CRM Updates – June 2016 (Release 201616a)

Mothernode Release

Date: March 6, 2016
March 2016 – Release (16A)
Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes and bug fixes.

Release Overview

This general release contains improvements to existing features and stability. This release also includes updates that have been published since the last release.

General Misc.

  • You can now change the customer in the order. You cannot change the customer on the order once the order has been processed.
  • Expanded date ranges have been added to commission reports.
  • The WON date is now exposed and modifiable in Opportunities and Quotes once the record has been converted to WON.
  • A new Invoice report now displays POs against the same order.
  • Time zones and weather have been added to Leads and Opportunities, Customer accounts and Contacts. They have also been added to Case profiles, to better help manage customer service inquiries. The time is stamped at page reload and is provided as a point of ref at the time the record is accessed.
  • Interface updates have been introduced.
A new Job Costing Tab has replaced the previous Profit and Loss Tab. The job costing tab include some of the previous data as well as new sources of information. The job costing module will give displays gains and losses within the orders and invoices. Users can toggle formulas that either use Job Costing for POs or Job Costing with Markups.

  • Users can now see losses or gains from Quote to Invoices.
  • Users can now see losses and gains by line item.
  • Users can now add additional expenses that may not be recorded in POs. Like travel, mileage and unexpected trip charges.
  • Red and Green markers are used to call out information with + or – variances.
  • Work Orders and Work Order Invoices are also included in the JC dashboard.
A new Work Order Calendar module has been added.

  • You can access the work order calendar from the Order Management menu
  • You can view monthly, weekly and daily activity.
  • Users can easily drag and drop unscheduled work order schedules.
  • Work orders can now be schedule for multiple trips. Scheduling work orders from the record automatically places them in the work order calendar. Users can easily reschedule  work orders in the calendar via drag and drop.
  • Users can filter on scheduled and unscheduled work orders.
  • Advanced search functions have been added to filter and find items in the work order calendar.
  • You can print work order schedules by date ranges and use quick filters to print work orders for today, tomorrow and the next 5 days.
Work Order Changes

  • Users can now manage their trips better by scheduling multiple trips as opposed to just one. This allows for breaks in between trips.
  • Users can now Send work order detail to their installers, including 3rd party installers.
  • Installers can access work order PDFs directly from the dispatched email.
  • Anyone assigned a work order can subscribe to their installation work order schedule directly from the email they received.
  • Installers can accept the work order in the field (via the email sent), notifying the PM and SR the work has been accepted. Accepting work orders via email creates a note in the WO, sends and email to the PM and creates a new notification.
  • Work orders sent via email now contain ICS files to add to calendar (note: this is only for third-party installers.
  • BOM Materials have been added to Work Order. Users can automatically add BOM items from the work order or make their own.
  • Special Instructions Tab has been added to Work Orders.
  • Work Orders now include totals.
  • Work Orders now have the option to include un-invoiced amounts as an option.
  • Files added to orders are now available in Work Orders.
  • Installers can now print a BOM for each work order to more effectively assemble their materials for the job.
Misc. Improvements and bug fixes.

– The Mothernode Team.

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