Mothernode CRM Updates – September 8 2015 (Release 201515b)

Mothernode Release Notes

Date: September 8, 2015
September 2015 – Release (15B)
Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes and bug fixes.

Release Overview

This general release contains improvements to existing features and stability.

  • New reports were added to customers and contacts.
  • You can now add a star next to associated contacts in leads and opportunities.
  • Enhancements were made to the notes field in customers and contacts that include categorizing notes, searching, tagging contacts and printing a notes report.
  • When importing inventory items you can now import the inventory unit extended price.
  • You can now sort custom fields in the admin section.
  • Commissions are now exposed in invoices even after the record was  export to accounting, so you can make adjustment in the commission reporting.
  • Tagging users has now been added to vendor contacts to follow important activity with a vendor contact.
  • Adjustments to the batch update allow users to batch update blank records in certain instances.
  • Administrators can now ‘restore’ deleted tasks in the session activity module.
  • Customers can now edit the prefix text in the emails that are sent to customers when a quote is converted to an order or an order is shipped to a customer.
  • Users can now search email templates.
  • An email address has now been added for the contact’s assistant.
  • An update was made to the invoice aging report that includes ‘current’ invoices.
  • When an invoice is made from a case, users can now have the option to include the case info in the invoice footer.
  • The assigned to drop-down in the work order was changed to a free form field.
  • A new field was added in custom reports that let’s you include the taxable amount after discount.
  • A correction was made in the Android and IOS app when posting events to a contact, and they were not showing up in the desktop contact.
  • Minor enhancements were made to the Android and IOS app that made reading events easier.
  • A date correction was made in the calendar subscription for work order that now includes a calendar event for each day in multi-day scheduling.
  • An issue was resolved that reset the starred contact after dispatching a lead to another user.
  • An issue where commissions were not auto populating when a quote was created from a converted opportunity has been resolved.
  • Improved stability of filters in the activity feed have been corrected.
  • An issue with lead source was preventing some records from populating in the customer account when the opportunity was converted to a customer.
  • An issue was corrected with the image uploader.
  • Misc. fixes and improvements.
– The Mothernode Team!
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