Release Notes December 2021

Date: December, 2021

Release (2021-01A)

Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes, and bug fixes. New tutorials and product videos are available at

Release Highlights

  • A new Mothernode Outlook Add-in is now available. This Mac and Windows compatible version provides similar email, contact and calendar synchronization functions to our Windows-based plugin, and requires a Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or account including the Outlook ‘Get Add-ins’ function. Click here for more information.
  • Mothernode customers now have the option to use Fed-Ex shipping in addition to their UPS account.

Additional Enhancements

• Mothernode Invoice records now provide the ability to copy the invoice download/payment URL at the bottom of the record or in the record list (from the 3-dot menu), allowing the user to paste the link into a non-Mothernode email program as needed. The payment option is only available when using the Stripe or Plaid integrations. 

• Leads and Opportunities can now be re-labeled using an Administration setting similar to that used for relabeling the Customers label. For customers that wish to refer to their Leads/Opportunities as something more applicable to their business, for example ‘Prospects’ or ‘Jobs’, then they can change the label in Administration | General Settings. The label will update where it is typically displayed in lists, records and reports.   

• For customers using Mothernode’s ConstructConnect integration, the ConstructConnect Projects list now allows the user to filter Imported or Non-Imported projects, meaning that users can use these new filters to quickly determine which projects have or have not been imported to Mothernode Leads/Opportunities records. These new filters can be combined with other available filters in the Projects list. 

• In the Quotes list, Estimated Close Date and Estimated Invoice Date columns have been added to provide forecasting insight when viewing the current list or filtered list. The date fields within these columns can be edited, so Estimated Close Dates and Estimated Invoice Dates can be added or changed directly from the Quotes list. 

• In the Production Orders list (Enterprise Edition), Due Date and Ship Date can be modified directly from the list by clicking the desired date field.  

• In the Ready for Production record (Enterprise Edition), the process flow has been improved to guide the user if the Due Date has not yet been set. 

• The Production Job Board (Enterprise Edition) has been enhanced for greater usability, including column sorting, filtering by due date, and providing order reference information. 

• Grouping by Market Segment is now available in Custom Reports, within Mothernode modules that track Market Segment data.  

• A confirmation window now appears when batch printing more than 20 records in a transaction list. This will help to reduce instances in which the user unintentionally attempts to print an extremely long list without first filtering it to just those records that need to print. 

• The Activity Feed has been enhanced to print search results in a user-friendly format, in addition to the ability to select multiple activity types when filtering the feed. 

• In Advanced Search, Custom Reports and KPI Dashboards, date-related filters include new options “Current Month” and “Current Year”. For example, this will make it easier to filter quotes with Estimated Close Dates within the current month, or orders with Due Dates over the course of the current year. 

• In Lead/Opportunity records, a Show/Hide Contacts function has been added, in which the user can easily control display of the relevant contacts for the current Lead/Opportunity record.  

• In Lead and Customer records, the Manage Associated Contacts window has been enhanced, including faster searches with the Active Search function, and easy selection and filtering of associated and favorite contacts. Favorite contacts selection (Star symbol) has been added to easily select and track frequently used associated contacts.  

• Select/Show menu options have been added to the Ready for Invoice list, for greater usability and performance when preparing multiple records to be invoiced. 

• On the Notes tab in Lead/Opportunity and Customer records, the Notes print function has been enhanced to produce a well-formatted and more readable summary of notes. 

• Exchange rates will now display in transactions for customers that use different currencies, and is based on the billing country of the buyer when different from the sellers billing country. For example: If you are a US based company quoting a company in Canada you can now see the value of the quote in CDN dollars as well, though the quote is still represented in USD. 

• New compatibility features have been added for QuickBooks Desktop integration. Mothernode CRM lets users directly connect to QBD to sync invoices, purchase orders and quotes (depending on your Mothernode CRM edition). The process mimics the current procedures used with Transaction Pro Importer, which still remains as an option. Click here to watch the video how to setup Mothernode to connect to your QBD.

• Updates to the Mothernode’s QBO Integration include a new settings screen to match the settings that are available for QBD. 

• UI Enhancements have been made to tranactions that provide both a fresh and more functional look to transactions and the process for adding line items.

• Shop Production Orders (AKA SPOs) have been updated and accomomdate new information provided by newly added BOM features. SPOs can now be printed in the Orders Modules as well as the Production Orders.

• Contruction Details have been enhanced and now include BOM data that enable users to either build products using Inventory Components or by adding componts on the fly. Users can aslo save templates for furture use with non-inventory items.

• Dropshipping options have been added to Purchase Orders and Work Orders.

Misc. bug fixes and enhancements were also addressed.

– The Mothernode Team

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