Mothernode CRM Updates – August 26, 2018 (Release 20182a)

Release Notes May 2018 (Release 20182a)

Date: August 26, 2018

Release (20182a)

Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes and bug fixes. This release also includes new security updates.

REMINDER: A new Microsoft Outlook Add-in is now available. Mothernode CRM Add-in version 5 is now available for download and contain new features and functionality including the ability to sync more than 5,000 contacts, a previous limitation. To find out more about the Mothernode Outlook Add-in, click here.

• A new XLS Export option is now available in the Invoice listing screen. Export w/LI (Export with Line Items) now lets users export invoice line items to Excel. This feature exports the records onscreen so users should filter their onscreen results first.

• Mothernode’s rich text editor used to compose emails and write proposals have been updated. Improvements have been made to the design and stability. Bugs were corrected the sometimes might change font styling inadvertently.

• Updates were made to the Quickbooks online API and new functionality was added. Users can now post payments to Quickbooks online from Mothernode Invoices and vice versa. When posting payments to invoices in Quickbooks Online, Mothernode will also reflect the payment applied. Mothernode users can send Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders to Quickbooks online.

• An update was made to exporting invoices, purchase order, orders, and quotes that allows users to filter on selected items for export. Additionally, a problem that prevented checkboxes from saving when paginating has been resolved.

• Custom record status selections can now be added from Administration | Configure Value Lists | Custom Statuses. Administrators can add custom statuses to records including Leads/Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, and Cases. Existing Mothernode default record statuses cannot be removed or modified, so they are not accessible in this new function. Any statuses added through this function will appear in the drop-down status selection fields in Leads/Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, and Cases, and will also be available for searches and reporting purposes.

• The Purchase Order list now includes a Revision Date column, which displays the date of the most recent update to the P.O. record. If no changes have been made to the P.O. record, then Revision Date will display the creation date of the P.O. record.

• In Template Studio (Marketing function), placeholders have been added for users that need to include the contact’s or customer’s complete address in the communication. This applies to both basic marketing email templates and HTML marketing email templates.

• For users synchronizing their Mothernode calendar with their Google calendar, 2-way synchronization is now available. When a calendar event is created or modified in Mothernode CRM, the event will sync to their Google calendar, and modifications made to the event in Google calendar will then sync back to the Mothernode calendar. Please note that new events created in Google calendar will not sync to Mothernode, given that events in Mothernode must originate from a Mothernode CRM contact, customer or lead/opportunity record. IMPORTANT: Disconnect your current calendar and re-connect. Click here to see how.

• The Accounting | Invoices | Invoices List report has been enhanced to show payments received on an invoice to-date in addition to the remaining payment due.

• The Accounting | Invoices | Invoice by County report has been enhanced to provide more concise information. The invoice’s shipping total is now displayed in addition to the remaining invoice subtotal, which will help clarify the invoice’s sales tax calculation based on taxable vs. non-taxable items. The report’s formatting has also been enhanced for better readability.

• Misc. bug fixes and improvements.

– The Mothernode Team!

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