Release Notes September 2022

Date: September 19, 2022

Release (2022-01A)

Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes, and bug fixes. New tutorials and product videos are available at

Release Highlights

  • Significant updates have been introduced to Mothernode Enterprise Editions.
  • Mothernode users can now take advantage of new Proof Approval processes in both Quotes and Orders. Users can now electronically submit line item designs and schematics for customer approval.
  • New Job Tracking enhancements have been made to Mothernode’s Job Board, simplifying the job tracking process and status updates. Users can now view and manage job tracking activities in both Orders and Production Orders.
  • New Estimating tools combine parts and labor to build finished goods. These new processes are available for inventory products as well as instances where the product is being built from scratch.
  • Users can now add line items from multiple orders to a single PO issued to a common vendor. Users can also split line item quantities to multiple vendors.
  • Email tracking is now available in transaction records (Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Work Orders). The Email tab in transaction records will include Emails sent to the transaction contacts, transaction emails, and other emails related to the transaction.
  • The Calendar tab is now available in transaction records (Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders). Transaction-specific calendar events can be scheduled in the Calendar tab, and these events will also display on the user’s Mothernode Event Calendar. The user can also select critical date fields in the transaction header to appear in the calendar (Ex. Select the Quote Valid Until date to track the quote’s expiration date in the calendar, or select the Order Due Date to track the order’s due date in the calendar). Selected transaction milestone dates will also appear in the improved My Day page.

Additional Enhancements

• The Ready for Invoice record has been refreshed for better usability and clarity when approving the creation of new invoices, including improved Work Order-to-Invoice processing and better management of Shipping details, Order History, and Products and Services items.

• The Production Order record has been enhanced to make the process more efficient for Production users, including Production item management, Job scheduling, PO processing, and Shipping/Installation. The PM Order’s File tab is now available in the Production Order, so related files uploaded in the PM Order are available in the Production Order, and vice-versa.

• The Inventory List has been enhanced with added details to provide users with more information at the list level, including Item Description, Product Series, Vendor, and on-hand quantity allocated to active Orders. Hint messages have also been added to the columns on the right-side of the Inventory list to help guide users when evaluating stocked product statuses.

• Inventory items can now include purchase prices set in different currencies. Administrators can activate other currencies in the Regional Settings of the Admin module.

• Inventory records now include a new PO Item Name which allows for a separate item name to be used to purchase products from vendors.

• Users can now add bundles within Inventory bundles.

• For customers accessing Construct Connect projects in Mothernode, CC project details can now be linked to an existing Mothernode Lead/Opportunity record.

• Line item notes in transactions have been enhanced for greater usability, including the ability to add notes to sub-items. Line item notes can be viewed in related transactions and printed in the transaction pdf if the Print selection is made. Additionally, notes tied to Inventory item records will be seen in the transaction when the inventory item is added to the transaction.

• Users can no longer use the status option to receive a PO and are now directed to the PO receiving tab when they change the status. Furthermore, users can no longer change the status of a received PO to Open and must first un-receive items to do so.

• Purchase orders can now print in a vendor’s native currency. *Requires currency settings to be enabled. Additionally, Currency Type can be searched and reported throughout Mothernode, including Customers, Vendors and Transactions.

• A new Prepayment option was introduced that allows you to accept early payments on orders, by creating an invoice “for the entire order” without shipping items. The new process can be activated in the admin module under the General Settings section. Once this process is activated in the order it cannot be reversed.

• Customer Locations management has been enhanced for better ease of use, for more efficient creation and management of locations and related contacts.

• Location defaults have a new syntax. The default location now uses the location name followed by “(default)”.

• When saving a custom report in any step, you will now remain in the Step stage. Previously, users would return to the first step.

• Open Deposit Invoices will now be removed from the Deposit Invoice listing screen when Quotes are set to “Lost” or “Inactive”. They will also be removed when Orders are set to “Canceled”.

• Standard footer text can now be added to Deposit Invoices (in the Admin function), so standard instructions can be consistently communicated to customers regarding Deposit Invoice payments.

• The Tax Lookup screen has been retired and is no longer accessible.

• The Manage Saved Searches function has been refreshed. Saved Searches created for all users by the System Administrator can no longer be modified by other users, to ensure that these types of ‘global’ searches work consistently for all users. Users can still build a new search based on a System Administrator saved search, without modifying the original System Administrator saved search.

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