Mothernode CRM Updates – April 5 2010 (Release 20102a)

New Updates in Mothernode
Date: April 5th, 2010

April 2010 Release

Users should take note of the following important changes and updates that have been made to Mothernode. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. There will be random smaller publishes that will be released throughout the remainder of the month. These updates will be officially announced in the next release notes, unless they require immediate notice.



  • In the new company wizard,  possible duplicate will display as hyperlinks, navigating the User to that Company Profile.



  • Previously in Mothernode, if a contacts address was set to default to the company address, the address did not update when/if the company’s address changed.  A mechanism has been created to automatically refresh the company’s address when updated.


  • Print Options are now available for printing Vendor Profiles.  When printing a Vendor Profile, Users can choose to include Summary, Contacts, Locations, Shipping Options, Vendor Rating, Description of Services, Capabilities, Subcontractor Services, Installation Equipment, Certifications, Purchase Orders, and Term and Policy information from the Vendor Profile.


  • When adding an item from the Client History, the new line item will now include the Construction Details from the original line item.
  • Previously in Mothernode, the Shipping Options from the shipping screen did not default to the selected default shipping option from the Order Header.  This has been corrected to reference the Shipping option selected in the Order header by default.  Users can change the shipping option during the shipping process if necessary.


  • READY FOR INVOICE: Users can now select specific shipments in the Ready For Invoice List and click the Process Selected button to make the selected shipments into Invoices.
  • READY FOR INVOICE: When a User is viewing the Shipment’s information, they can now use the Next/Previous links to navigate forward and backward through each shipment.
  • READY FOR INVOICE: The Ready For Invoice List now indicates partial shipments with the “Partial Invoice” label.
  • INVOICES: Users can now print the same Worksheet printout for Invoices that had previously only been available from Quotes and Orders.



  • New Inventory Reports are now available.  Users can print the Inventory List, Inventory Order History, and Inventory Reorder Items.
  • New Inventory List filters are now available.  Users can filter the inventory list by Client, Status, Is Active, Complete Product, Component Category, and Expire Date.
  • Inventory Dashboards have been added to Performance Dashboards.  Users can view Inventory Items to Reorder, Top 25 Inventory Items by Profit, Total Ordered, and Quantity Ordered.
  • Tiered pricing is now available from the Inventory section. Pricing levels are defined at the items level, and can then be assigned to specific companies from the Company Profile/Accounting Tab.
  • The Inventory List was revised to include additional columns.
  • The Inventory Tab inside an Inventory Item has been reformatted to show the Stock Adjustment Log in the List view.

Commission Report

  • The Commission Report is now available for use.  Admin or Accounting Users can configure the types of calculations (sliding scale and fixed rate), define the commissionable items, and print the commission report for all sales people, or by a specific user.

Leads and Opportunities

  • A new report has been added.  Users can now print the Leads – Converted to Companies Report which shows all Opportunities that have been converted to companies as well as the date the opportunity was converted.
  • Lead and Opps List Summary Totals have new labels that better describe the amounts capture such as Actual Sales Budget (Won), Assumed Sales Budget (Won), etc.
  • Users can now import any leads/opportunities that is saved onto an .xls file into Mothernode.  Users can also access the import template simply by selecting the Import Link located in the Leads and Opportunities List.
  • The Reference Field has been added to the Leads and Opportunities List in a smaller gray text in the second row of each record.

Misc. Fixes

  • Sales Ladder on Front Page was showing Totals from Orders that were In Progress.  This has been corrected to show Totals from Invoices by Sales Reps.
  • The SPO PDF Printout was showing some overlapping text.  We’ve fixed this issue by wrapping the extended text.

In development for May Release

Future features currently being developed include:

  • Production:  Scheduling Reports, Departmental Capacity Display
  • Knowledgebase will be made available for Admins to create their own FAQs
  • Activity Log:  Admins will be able to view user activities such as creations, modifications, deletions, etc in a Master log file.  All Users will be able to see Record Activities in a Activity Log located in each record such as Leads, Quotes, Orders, PO, Invoices, Ready For Invoice, Ready for Production, and Production Orders.

The Mothernode Development Team


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