Mothernode CRM Updates – February 23 2009 (Release 20091b)

New Updates in Mothernode – Feb 13th, 2009

Users should note that the following updates, fixes, and modifications have been made available in Mothernode.


  • Free-form are defaulted to N/A.
  • Service Items are defaulted to N/A.
  • PO are defaulted to Made Out.


  • Company Locations can inherit Parent Company Addresses (Primary, Billing, and Shipping).

Quotes, Orders, and Invoices

  • The Quotes, Orders, and Invoices lists displays only active records by default.  It does not show Deleted, Canceled, and Voided.  However, Users can use the Advanced Search to filter the list by these items if necessary.
  • Users can use the search multiple numbers in the Search Field.  Simply type in the number itself without the Company Prefix, and use either a comma or space mark to separate the numbers.
  • The Status value of “Not Set” has been removed.  Once an Order is created, it is automatically set to Open.
  • The Orders list now displays the Total Balance Due, and Balance Due for each record.
  • An “Order Completed” button has been added to the Order Header.  Clicking this button will automatically stamp the Completed Date and change the Status of the Order to Complete.
  • “Ready for Install is a new value that has been added to the Order Header Status value list.
  • The following discusses the stages of an Order which is represented by the value of the Status selected:
  • Open – An open order is an order that is not in production.
  • In Progress – An order that is in production.
  • Ready for Install – An order that is completed by Production and is ready for install.
  • Completed – An order that has been shipped and/or install and is not longer an active order.
  • Users can now use the Advanced Search to filter Quote, Order, and Invoice Lists by “All”.
  • The “Void” Invoice function is now available.
  • Users can now cancel packing slips.  Canceling a packing slip will reverse the shipments for that packing slip.
  • A few things have been added to the Ready For Invoice step.  When reviewing the order, Users can change the MH and MO, INT or EXT (this will also change in the Order).  Users are also able to change Taxable to Non-Taxable, and vice versa (this will not change in the Order).  NOTE: These functions are available for Accounting to make changes to mistakes, or updates that are necessary.  Users still need to identify these items and appropriately tag the line items when creating a Quote and/or Order.
  • A “Decline” button has been added to the Ready for Invoice step.  Clicking “Decline” will send the Order or Partial Order back to the Shipping and Install step.
  • A new tab, “Order History”, has been added to Orders.  The Order History tab displays related invoices for that order. The History Tab also displays the original Order Total and Balance that is due for that Order.
  • Ready for Invoice now shows breakdown heading.  This includes totals for MH INT, MH EXT, MO INT, MO EXT, Installation INT, Installation EXT, Permits, Ship/Crate, Sub-Total, Sales Tax, and Total.
  • Ready for Invoice now displays the tax rate.
  • At the Ready for Invoice step, Users can add service items in the event they need to include additional shipping, installation, etc.  Adding a new service item at the Ready for Invoice stage is added as a new line item.  This means that the service item will also print on the Invoice.
  • Users can edit a service item in the Ready for Invoice stage, but cannot edit products and their quantities.  NOTE: It is important that whenever possible a packing slip matches the invoice number to ensure payment without question.
  • Orders Export now display other Service Items such as Graphics, Artwork, etc.

Known Issues

  • Client Profiles (Locations List): Company Name in the list will be replaced with Reference.
  • The Login page does not retain User password.

In Development

  • Ship and Install will have a “Ship ALL” function that allows users to ship all quantity for each selected line item.
  • The Construction module will be added to the Orders.  This function will allow users to construct the sign in details (i.e Message Schedule, Fonts, etc.)
  • The Shop Production Order (SPO) production module.
  • The Production Module is being developed.  This includes Work Centers, Schedules, Job Tracking, etc.
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