Mothernode CRM Updates – July 12 2010 (Release 20112a)

New Updates in Mothernode
Date: July 12th, 2011

July 2011 Release

Users should take note of the following important changes and updates that have been made to Mothernode. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. There will be random smaller publishes that will be released throughout the remainder of the month. These updates will be officially announced in the next release notes, unless they require immediate notice.



  • All lists that display the Order Ref. is now clickable and will direct the user to the Order in a new browser window.
  • Last Modified Stamp previously only tracked modifications made to record Header Tabs.  Now it tracks modifications to every field in every module.

Customer Profile

  • We’ve added a Locations filter drop-down in the following tabs in the Customer Profile: Quotes, Orders, POs, Invoices, Deposits, Ship/Install, Order History, and Tasks.

Leads and Opportunities

  • Action Log: Users can now print the Action Log.


  • Independent Invoices have been added to the Accounting Module.  To create an independent invoice, go to the Invoice list, click the New link, click the New Invoice button and finish creating the Independent Invoice. Independent Invoices are editable until they are exported.
  • Credit Memos have been added to the Accounting Module.  To create a new credit memo, go to the Invoice list, click the New link, click the Credit Memo button and finish creating the Credit Memo.
  • Negative Amount Rule:  With Credit Memos in place, a rule was put in place to catch negative line item amounts.  The rule is described as:  IF the Invoice Total equals a negative amount AND there is at least 1 line item that is a positive amount, THEN a dialog box will pop up asking the user to create a Credit Memo.

Orders (PM)

  • Profit and Loss Reporting:  Profit and Loss data are viewable in every Order.  Simply click on the Profit/Loss tab within an Order to view the Net Profit, Amounts that make up the Net Profit, Order Detail, PO Detail, Service Item Breakdown, and Charts.

Orders (PM and Production)

  • Four new filters have been added to Orders (PM and Production) Advanced Search.  Users can also filter by Partially Invoiced Orders, OOS Orders, Reorders, and Remakes.


  • Change Order Request: A Change Order Request function has been added to Production Orders.  In the event a change is needed to an order that has been accepting in production and scheduled, the shop manager can now make the change without removing the order from production. To initiate a Change, users will click on the Change Order button at the bottom of a production order.  From here, users can make changes to the Item Name, Item Description, Qty, Markup %, and Discount % for any or all line items.  Once the changes are made, the shop manager is required to document the reason for the Change Order. Once completed, the PM and the Sales rep will be notified via email. The Change Order is than documented within the Order History Tab.


  • PO Trigger:  A trigger mechanism is now available in the PO Header.  Users can use this trigger to remind themselves or others about the PO Items to be received.  Define a date to be notified by if all PO items have not yet been received.  An email will be sent to the defined user which will include information about the PO’s receiving status.
  • Quote Trigger: A trigger mechanism is now available in the Quote Header.  Users can use this trigger to notify the Customer Contact when the Order has been created from the Quote.
  • Shipping Trigger: A trigger mechanism is now available in the Order Header as well as the Ship/Install tab within an Order.  Users can use this trigger to notify the Customer Contact that their items have been shipped.  The customer will receive an email with detailed information regarding the items that were shipped.


  • The ability to print the Order from the Order History tab in each Inventory Item Profile is now available.
  • Workflows have been added to Inventory Profiles.  Define the inventory item’s workflow and the workflow will be automatically selected in Ready for Production.


  • Shop Production Order: The Ship, Install, and Due date has been added to the main header section so that the information will repeat on all of the subsequent pages.  The barcode for the Order Number has also been added on each page.


  • Tasks created from records now include the Customer Name from the parent record and cannot be modified.
  • Default location is applied and users can modify it.
  • Default status is now set to In Progress.
  • Default priority is now set to Normal.
  • iCal Event/Outlook Appointment now shows: Customer, Location, Record Number Ref., Ref Type, Priority, Status, Physical Address, Contact Name, and Contact Number.


  • Service Items:  A Markup % field has been added to the Service Item edit form.  Admins can enter a markup % for any Service Item and the Markup % will automatically fill the Markup field when a new service item is being added as a ling item.

Misc. Fixes

  • Customer and Vendor Wizard Navigation Screens (when creating a new customer or vendor profile) has been modified to fit on screens with resolutions set at 1024×768.  Previously, the next and previous buttons were hidden when used on this resolution.
  • Company Profile Logo Bug: Users were unable to remove the customer profile log.  This has been resolved.
  • Leads and Opps displayed in the Account Management Landing Page were not opening.  This has been resolved.
  • Quotes search field was not working properly.  When searching for 1 quote, it would return a list of multiple quotes.
  • Custom Reports was not calculating correctly because it was including deleted records.  Custom Reports was also showing SQL errors when previewing the report.  Export feature only worked for the Quotes module.  All issue have been resolved.

In development for August Release

Future features currently being developed include:

  • Knowledgebase made available for Affiliates to create their own FAQs which can be accessed locally.
  • Inventory Upsell Feature

The Mothernode Development Team


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