Mothernode CRM Updates – July 23 2012 (Release 20124a)

New Updates

Date: July 23, 2012

July 2012 – Release (4A)

Users should take note of the following important changes and updates now available. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Release Overview

Dialog & Notification features have been added to the application, allowing users easily collaborate with Customers, Leads and Contacts from the sidebar. This new feature allows users to respond and interact with one another where notes were once one-dimensional.

A new automated report is available for all users detailing important events for the upcoming week. This is also beneficial to sales managers looking forward to their reps activity for the coming week.


Dialog & Notifications

Users now have the ability to collaborate on Leads, Customers and Contacts via engagement platform that coincides with many online social applications. From the sidebar, users can Post and Comment on events, as well as acknowledge postings through a familiar “Like” mechanism.

Interactions are communicated to users via a new notification system, found in the menu bar. Users will receive a notification within Mothernode when:

  • An Event or Comment is posted by another user to a record they are listed as the Sales Rep or PM on.
  • When a comment is made to a posting they authored in the event feed for any Lead & Opportunity, Customer Account, Contact and Vendor Accounts.
  • Another user Comments on an Event that they created, or had Commented on.
Weekly Digest

Available in the user profile, users can now select to receive an automated report every Monday morning detailing important events for the week. Included in the report is a listing of Leads, Quotes and Orders due, PO’s scheduled to be received, Events schedule and Tasks Due for the upcoming week.


  • Users now have new reports option in the Work center Screen that allows them to print summary information instead of the entire order schedule.
  • Users can now quickly create a Customer Contact from the Quote or Order record. When selecting the Billing or Shipping Contact in the record, users are now provided with an option to Create New Customer Contact if the desired contact does not exist in the drop down.
  • A Change has been made to the process of Re-Assigning Leads. Previously, users could reassign a Lead to any office, regardless of their permissions. Users will now only be able to reassign Leads to offices that they have access to. In addition, whereas previously the user remained in the canceled Lead after it was Re-Assigned, they will now end up in the newly created Lead.
  • Users now have the ability to crop images uploaded as Customer/Vendor Logos, user profile images, or signatures. Once cropped, images will automatically be resized to best fit.
  • The OOS file import has been modified to accommodate multiple lines of text per sign. Adjustments have also been made for OOS updates available in Q4.
  • An alphabet Rolodex has been added to the Vendors list to assist in navigation, replicating that which is in customers and contacts.
  • An Orders Invoiced sales ladder has been included in the Weekly Sales Snapshot reports.
  • Additional contact information can be added to the Primary Contact when a new lead is created.
  • In Tasks, links to Contacts and Customers are now available for Tasks when they are not tied to a transaction.
  • Users now have the ability to filter Orders in the Work Center screen by the Order Due Date.
  • The size requirements for the Signature image was increased from 86×200 pixels to 86×300 pixels.
Bug Fixes

  • A display issue was corrected in the Import screen, as entry fields fell outside the containing box
  • In the Customer Profile, selections made in the State drop down were not saving once users navigated to a different tab
  • For new Customers, the Billing & Shipping addresses are now set to the default address of the Customer
  • The Manage Catalog feature has been re-added to the Vendor Profile
  • Results from using the reference link from the Late Orders chart in the Production Overview page did not always match the information displayed due to the default search criteria set in the Order Listing page
  • Duplicated PO’s now use the current date as the Revision Date
  • Bad Links found in the Automated Report Notifications were fixed
  • When creating a new Saved Search, the option to save the search as the Default Search was not functioning
  • The Add Item function was added to the Change Order in Orders
  • A dispatching issue was fixed in Automated Reports
  • When a Quote is generated from a Lead, it now opens in a new window
  • The day the notification email was sent to PM’s for PO’s not receive was change to the Notification Day
  • Market Segment drop down has been alphabetized in the Advanced Search/Custom Reports
  • Changes to how standard reports are displayed correcting erroneous page breaks have been recommitted to the live environment
  • A pagination issue found in the Activity Feed has been corrected
  • Advanced Searches in PO’s where the Vendor Name was included, the search would not maintain the desired criteria
  • A display issue with the Account Dispatch screen was corrected
  • Sorting issues in some standard reports were corrected
  • When created a new custom report, the report did not appear in the Custom Report List until the page was refreshed
-The Mothernode Development Team
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