Release Notes May 2020

Date: May 2020

Release (2020-01A)

Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes, and bug fixes. New tutorials and product videos are available at

Release Highlights

Display Product Images in Quotes & Related Transactions (Professional Edition +)

Make a polished and lasting impression by displaying product images on quotation line items and full-page product profiles that comprise Quote printouts, PDFs and electronic approval communications. This new feature is also available in Orders, Work Orders and Purchase Orders. 

Product images can be added to Products & Services and Inventory items, and when these types of items are added to transactions, the images are automatically added as well.  Images can also be added directly to line items, and managing images at the line item level is fast and easy.  Quotation templates can also be saved and loaded with applicable images.

In the Print/Send dialog window, Mothernode users can select the option to print the quote with line item images, full-page product profiles, or both. Users can ‘turn off’ printing for specific images at the line item level as needed.  Product profile pages provide format options and client signature blocks for a professional presentation. 

Enhanced Electronic Approval (Sales and Marketing Edition +)

Enhancements have been added to the electronic approval process, such that when the client provides their electronic signature on a quote:

  • The client will be instructed that their approval and signature will be applied to the entire PDF.
  • Signature, name and date will be applied to each Product Profile page attached to the quote, if applicable.
  • Initials and date will be added to any Terms and Conditions pages, if applicable. 

Since Work Orders provide an electronic approval option, approval and signature can also be applied to the entire PDF. 

Quote Duplication and Re-assignment Enhancements (Sales Edition +)

Users now have complete control over assets that can be included when either duplicating a quote or re-assigning a quote to a different customer or lead. 

During quote duplication, the user will be prompted to select from the following items that they would like to copy to the new quote:

  • Terms
  • Proposal
  • Special Instructions
  • Files
  • Notes

During quote re-assignment, the user will be prompted to select from the following items that they would like to retain in the quote after re-assignment:

  • Terms
  • Proposal
  • Special Instructions
  • Tasks
  • Files
  • Notes

Edit Line Items in Processed Orders

Previously, line items were locked when an order was processed, and no edits could be made to a processed line item that was either not in Production or not completed (shipped or installed). Now, line items may now be edited in processed orders, except under the following conditions:

  1. The line item has been accepted into Production, in which case the line item will be locked for editing, but a Change Order can be entered if needed.
  2. The item has been completed (shipped or installed), in which case the line item will be completely locked for editing or change orders. 

Regarding Change Orders, View Change Log (available on the Order History tab and in the Production Order record) now provides more details about the line item changes in the Change Order. 

Additional Enhancements

Project Folders (Enterprise Edition):

  • The Project Value field is now available to allow Project Managers to assign an overall value to the project. The field is editable and displays with the summary information at the top of the Project Folder.
  • Advanced Searches and Custom Reports are now available from the Project Folders list.
  • The Subcontractor Number field is also now available within the Project Folder, and allows recording of a general purchase number or reference for the entire project.

• An additional Task Calendar subscription is available, and when subscribed will display only tasks assigned to the user. The original Task Calendar subscription is still available and provides both tasks assigned by the user and to the user.

• User name is now displayed with Invoice payment details on the Record Payment tab.

• In Leads/Opportunities Card-view, the edit function has been enhanced with the full edit functionality as List-view edit, including updating of Lead/Opportunity Selling Stage.


  • In the Inventory item record, the Markup calculator (available in transaction line item pricing) has been added to Inventory item pricing.  
  • Manufacturer name search has been added to the quick search in the Inventory list. 

• The Add/Edit calendar event window now includes a reference link to the record that the event is tied to, and the reference link can be clicked to take the user to the corresponding record. 

• In the Customers (Accounts) list, customers placed on hold will be shaded in red in the list, in addition to the standard red alert message at the top of the customer record.

• The Export function for an individual order record now includes header notes and line item notes. 

• In the Leads/Opportunities List, a setting has been added to promote a lead in the list to an opportunity automatically when a selling stage has been updated to a specified stage. The setting can be updated within the gear symbol near the upper-right portion of the Leads/Opportunities list. 

• In Standard Email Templates, the placeholders for Lead Reference and Lead Prospect have been added, so that email sent to lead contacts can easily specify the prospect name and reference by adding the placeholders to the desired template.  

Misc. bug fixes and enhancements were also addressed.

– The Mothernode Team

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