Release Notes September 2020

Date: September 2020

Release (2020-02A)

Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes, and bug fixes. New tutorials and product videos are available at

Release Highlights

New and Enhanced Production Modules (Enterprise Edition)

  • In addition to brand-new modules, tools and enhanced feature sets within existing components, a new work flow is applied that enables users to create JOBS as opposed to sending line items through production. Multiple line items can be combined to create a job for products that have like properties.
  • Mothernode’s Production Job Board provides clear visibility into your jobs so you know where they are, what’s been completed, and if they’re late. 
  • The new Production Scheduling module enables users to drag-and-drop jobs to the production calendar. Partially schedule orders or schedule all jobs at once. Switch between calendar views to drill-down into job details within workflows.
  • New Auto-schedule features include job cards and calendars that give you the flexibility to easily submit jobs into production and have them scheduled for completion based on their unique workflows and volume.
  • Click here to view the New Production Module videos on our YouTube channel
  • Click here to read the New Production Module support articles on our Support Site

ConstructConnect Integration Enhancements (Sales Edition +)

  • Column headers in the ConstructConnect project list can now be clicked to sort the list by Project ID, Project Name, Report Date, Bid Date and Value. 
  • Select and Show options have also been added to the project list to provide additional filtering flexibility. 
  • Users can delete projects from the list if needed. Projects can be restored if deleted by mistake. 
  • For Mothernode Leads imported using the ConstructConnect API integration, the ConstructConnect logo will be displayed in the Leads list to identify the lead-type. 
  • The ConstructConnect logo is displayed at the top of the Lead record (if imported using the API) and can be clicked to take the user directly to the ConstructConnect project details.
  • ConstructConnect leads can now be easily searched in Advanced Search and Custom Reports.

Sales Tax Rate Alert (Sales Edition +)

  • Tax rate discrepancies in Mothernode may occur when the user takes certain actions without confirming any applicable tax rate adjustments (ex. Transaction duplication or adjusting sales tax rate to 0%).
  • When changes are made to the original address applied in the transaction Mothernode will cross-reference the current tax rate used in the transaction with the new zip code being applied. If there is a discrepancy, Mothernode will display the Check-tax notification.
  • The Check-tax notification can be clicked to display the discrepancy, and the user will then have the option to click Update Tax to re-align the correct sales tax based on the transaction changes. 
  • Click here to view the complete tax rate support article 

Additional Enhancements

Parent-Child Company Relationships:

  • Parent-Child Company relationships can easily be established and viewed. Add the Parent company reference within the Customer Edit window to establish the relationship, which can also be setup during the Customer import process.
  • The Parent Customer Profile will include the Sub-Accounts tab, which will display the child accounts tied to the Parent company. 
  • Searching for a Parent company in the Customers list will produce results including the Parent company and all related Sub-Accounts.


  • Quote Templates have been enhanced to enable editing of the template prior to appending the template line items to the quote. Editable fields include Item Name, Description, Quantity, Unit Price, Markup, and Discount. 
  • Both sub-items and parent line items can be turned on or off within the loaded template before appending the template to the quote.

Special Instructions tab:

  • In Transaction modules that include a Special Instructions tab, transactions can be Advance-Searched based on whether the Special Instructions tab contains instructions or not.
  • Custom Reports include the ability to search for transactions with Special Instructions and print the contents of the Special Instructions tab if desired. 

• In Order records, the PO’s tab will include sub-total and total dollar amounts for each PO and all of the PO’s tied to the Order. 

• When contact email is sent using Mothernode, email sent to CC’d contacts will be copied to the contacts’ Mothernode records.

• Lead Capture Forms now include a setup option that sets the default status of the created lead to something other than Open. For example, set the default lead status to ‘Canceled’ if the intent is to capture only the contact record information, and a created open lead is not required for the specified lead capture form.  

• Customers using the QuickBooks Online integration for export of Invoices will have access to an Excel file (in Export History) to view the fields synced from Mothernode to QuickBooks Online during an export. 

• The Import Mapping screen provides enhanced scrolling to make it easier and faster for the user to navigate and map their import files within Mothernode. 

Misc. bug fixes and enhancements were also addressed.

– The Mothernode Team

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