1099 Employees and Contract Labor

It’s not uncommon for companies to hire contract labor and to have a high volume of turnover in these positions, especially as it relates to sales positions. Mothernode CRM includes special features that help its customers protect their data when granting access to contract labor employees who have a high risk of leaving and potentially continuing to work within the same industry for competing companies.

In an effort to minimize access to your data during employment, Mothernode users can be limited to only working with their customers, contacts and lead and opportunities without access to any other information.

Limiting Access for Contract Labor Employees

To do this, Administrators must activate the following settings in the user’s account

  1. Access the Administration Settings.
  2. Access the user listing.
  3. Open the user account you want to apply the settings.
  4. Click the permissions tab.
  5. Check the following boxes:
  • [√] View transactions attached to this user only
  • [√] View customers/contacts attached to this user only

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