Adding your signature to email templates

IMPORTANT: This article references adding your email signature to standard email templates within your Mothernode Account. This process does not apply to email marketing templates created in Mothernode’s Template Studio.

When sending emails to leads and opportunities, customers, vendors or contacts in Mothernode CRM users have the ability to have their signature included in the email, just like they can in their Outlook or Gmail accounts. To do this, users need to access the user profile to add their signature.

For Users

  1. Login to your Mothernode account
  2. Access your account profile from My Account
  3. Click the Email Tab in your profile
  4. Scroll below to the email signature window and copy-paste your signature into the window. 
  5. You can add an image by clicking the and then selecting image from the menu
  6. Note: When including your logo you need to reference and external source. Using your web browser to access the image you want to include and copy the image address (right-click, copy image address) and then paste it in the source


For Administrators 

Mothernode CRM Administrators can set up email signatures for their user accounts using the same steps when accessing User Accounts from the Admin Module.


To learn more about how to create a new email within Mothernode and to use templates that include your signature, click here

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