General Troubleshooting

Mothernode CRM is developed with speed and efficiency in mind, to optimize performance and give the user an experience comparable to using desktop applications. While typical usage of the program is fast and smooth, there are external influences that can interfere with the application that can affect its responsiveness and behavior, such as network performance, internet connectivity issues, or browser settings or versions. This article will help you troubleshoot common issues that are usually isolated to the user’s workstation or network. Users should review these items before contacting their Mothernode CRM account manager for more information.

Common issues and causes

1. Browser settings
2. Antivirus or Malware protection
3. Network or internet connectivity

Basic Troubleshooting

When experiencing an issue with Mothernode CRM or unusual behavior, there is a variety of basic troubleshooting processes that can often correct or greatly improve any performance or stability issues.

First questions to ask

1. Which users are being affected by the issue? (i.e. All, some or one?) If only one user is experiencing the issue then odds are the issue is related to the user’s workstation or location, including when the user resides in a different office or works remotely.

2. Find out if there are any known issues with your service. Contact your Mothernode CRM account manager and ask them if there are currently any known issues that could impact performance or usability.

Troubleshooting Browser Issues

When experiencing any performance issue, 9 out of 10 times users should begin troubleshooting their browser. Correcting problems caused by your browser will generally correct any issues experienced when using Mothernode.

Troubleshooting steps for individuals or isolated issues

  1. (Recommended) Close your browser and restart your computer. Computers that run constantly and are rarely restarted can experience a variety of performance issues. For best results, restart your computer daily.
  2. If problems still persist, do the following
    • Make sure your browser is up-to-date
    • Try using another browser. Depending on the frequency of the issue you may need to continue operating in a different browser indefinitely to replicate any issue experienced.
  3. In the event you are not able to recreate the issue in another browser, on the same workstation, the issue is most likely related to the browser extensions. Disable any recently added extensions. If the problem persists, try disabling all extensions. If the problem no longer occurs after disabling all extensions you should add your extensions back by enabling them one at a time in order to determine which extension causes the conflict.
  4. Check with other users to see if they are experiencing similar issues. If not, determine what’s different in their setup, i.e. OS, browser.

* Extension conflicts are the leading cause of issues with web applications.

Troubleshooting Anti-virus issues

While sometimes this can be an issue previously associated with a user’s internet browser, Anti-virus software can interfere with content being displayed within your web browser.

  1. Close all your applications and browsers or tabs accessing web pages and then disable your anti-virus software.
  2. Open your web browser and log in to your Mothernode account. Attempt to recreate any issues that you’ve experienced.
  3. If you no longer experience the issue with your virus software disengaged, add the domain to your white list in your anti-virus software and then re-engage your anti-virus software.

* Check with your anti-virus software support for more information.

Troubleshooting Networking issues

Instability in your network and slower speeds caused by peak usage or mobile device tethering could incapacitate page loading and rendering in your web browser. Just because users can see information on the screen doesn’t necessarily mean all the page data has completed loading behind the scenes, which can attribute to a variety of usability issues. Poor network and/or internet connectivity can produce a variety of performance problems, some more obvious than others. When troubleshooting local network or internet issues, IT professionals should check network stability. These actions are recommended:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Restart your internet router, modem, and all other networking equipment, including hubs. (This is especially recommended if more than one user in your location is experiencing network related issues)
  3. Check internet speeds, accessibility, and load times for other services and websites.
  4. Make sure your network adapter and your hardware firmware are current.

Additional Notes: Maintenance

Mothernode CRM may undergo routine maintenance or updates. These services are generally performed during nights and weekends and usually don’t have an impact on users. Check your Mothernode account for messages about upcoming planned maintenance and any scheduled downtime.

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