Inventory Import Templates

Using Inventory Import Templates

When it comes to importing Inventory into Mothernode CRM, users can import their list of goods and services into Mothernode CRM using a standard Microsoft XLS or CSV file. To simplify this process, you can use the Mothernode CRM XLS Templates that contain the necessary fields for import. These templates are already mapped in your import process. Using the Mothernode Import templates is especially beneficial if you plan on importing data from different sources because a single, uniform file can be used for importing your data.

Important: While Mothernode CRM contains a very capable inventory module, not all fields are required for input or import. Use the most common fields related to your business.

Mothernode CRM Inventory Import Template (BASIC) | DOWNLOAD

Mothernode CRM Inventory Import Template (FULL) | DOWNLOAD


Before you Import

Drop Down Lists: Otherwise known as value lists. When importing fields that will be used as drop-down options to the user, it’s important that you set up the related value lists in your Mothernode account and then make sure that the same values are represented in the import. This is another case where the syntax must be identical. If your import list includes a value with a different syntax or a new value not included in your existing value lists, then it will be added as an option in the dropdown.

Example: Let’s say you’re importing into the Source field. If the value Tradeshow is listed (same exact spelling) in both the value list and the XLS file, then all will match accordingly. However, If Tradeshow is listed in your value list, but is spelled differently in the XLS import file (ex. Trade-show), then in records where Source is indicated, your drop-down list will include the spelling variations, in this example both Tradeshow and Trade-show.

Inventory Fields for Import

The following fields are available in the Inventory Import Template. We recommend using the standard templates for all imports, but users can use their own XLS fields and map the fields accordingly during the import process.

Field NameDescriptionExampleNotesField Type
Item NameName of the product or serviceiPhone, iPad, SkateboardInput
Component CategoryThis category is used to classify inventory in the BOM calculator.Mounting, Frames, Knobs, Tires, Lights.Beneficial when refining searches, creating BOM partsValue List
Inventory TypeType of inventory can be Finished Good, Component, Raw Material, Bundle, Virtual InventoryUsers can use this field to update inventory when re-importingValue list
Item CodeUnique internal code used to catalog the product or service1234, AB-200Users can use this field to update inventory when re-importingInput
SKUUnique internal code used to catalog the product or service1234, AB-200Users can use this field to update inventory when re-importingInput
WorkflowUsed when auto scheduling inventory for departments and assigning labor costs for estimates.Setup workflows first and then assign them to your Finished Goods.Value List
Product SeriesProduct categoryTable, Chairs, MonitorsInput
ColorColor of the productBlack, White, BlueInput
Purchase DescriptionThe description of the product on the vendor POThis description is used when creating a PO for a vendorInput
Sales DescriptionDescription of items for quotesThis is the description of the item that is used in your quotesInput
Unit of Measure (UOM)The unit of measure in which the product or service is soldEach, Hours, Lots, Bundles, etc.Standard units are included. Admins can modifyValue List
Item WeightThe weight of the productThis is used to calculate weight in shippingInput
Weight UnitThe UOM for the unit weightLbs, Tons, KgValue List
Item WidthThe width of the productInput
Item HeightThe height of the productInput
Item LengthThe length of the productInput
Dimensions UnitThe dimension used to measure the productInches, Centimeters, Yards, FeetValue List
Unit CostThe base cost of the unit, before markupInput
MarkupThe default markup applied to the unitInput
Unit PriceThe unit price is COST + MARKUPUsers can add the base cost to determine the markupCalculation + input to override
Type of GoodType of good is used to capture bought out costs vs. made in houseMade here, Made outSelection
TaxableThis field determines if tax should be applied to the item or serviceYes, NoSelection
Income AccountUse to assign income account for accountingInput
Sale UnitsIndicates the units in which the product is soldEach, bundle, lotsThis is used in the quoteInput
Purchase UnitsIndicates the units in which the product must be purchasedEach, bundle, lotsThis is used in the POInput
QTY on HandIndicates the QTY on handThis is a manual input of how many items should be on handInput
Minimum on HandIndicates minimum QTY at all timeThis is the minimum amount of stock need in inventory at any given time.Input
Reorder PointThe point in which more stock should be orderedThis is a manual input to indicate when supplies should be replenishedInput
Qty on OrderThe number of units currently in open orderReference
Qty CommittedThe number of items currently in processed ordersThese are items that are currently being fulfilled in processed ordersReference
QTY AvailableThe available QTY for orderReference
QTY BackorderedThe QTY of items currently in open POsReference
Lead TimesThe expected average delivery time for the itemNO LONGER AVAILABLEInput
Vendor NameThe name of the supplierThis can be used to quickly make PO to replenish stock from the vendorLink to record
Vendor Location NameThe location of the vendor to purchase fromThis is only applicable if the vendor has more than one locationLink to record
Vendor CodeThe vendor product ID codeInput
Vendor Item NameThe name of the product to be used in the POThe name can be the same as your inventory item or specific to the vendor.Input
Vendor SKUThe SKU used by the vendor for the productInput
Vendor UnitsThe UOM used by the vendor to sell that productInput
Vendor Min OrderThe min. QTY that the vendor requires when they sell the productDozen, Bundle, EachInput
Vendor Unit CostThe vendor's sale priceThis is generally your base cost before markupInput
Vendor Inventory TypeType of inventory can be Finished Good, Component, Raw Material, Bundle, Virtual InventorySelection
Warranty TextSeller's product warrantyStandard warranty information provided by the vendor.Input
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