Mothernode Legacy Accounts

IMPORTANT: This support article is specific to all Mothernode customers who signed up for a Mothernode account prior to June 15th, 2019.

On June 15, 2019, all Mothernode customer accounts were upgraded to a new release of Mothernode CRM. This latest release includes hundreds of new features and enhancements wrapped in a brand new interface.

We know that new and veteran users alike will benefit from the hundreds of awesome features and highly capable, user-friendly UI available in our latest edition, but we also recognize that for some customers, having access to the legacy version of Mothernode is a necessary service we must continue to provide until they can complete their transition.

For customers with very unique needs, we’re continuing to make the legacy version of Mothernode available indefinitely. For this reason, we’ve made it convenient for users to transition between the new version and legacy interface from within the app. Users can click the link Switch to Legacy at the bottom right corner of the screen. The link will allow users to toggle between editions.

Important: The legacy editions of Mothernode do not contain all the same functionality as the newer version. Users should be aware of working in both editions.

Mothernode will continue to maintain and support its legacy application and address any functional issues, including questions or bug reports, but all future product development, feature enhancements, tutorials, training, implementations, etc. will no longer apply to the legacy version of Mothernode. Our goal is to help all Mothernode customers transition to the new Mothernode CRM, and eventually sunset the legacy editions.

If you have a question about your Mothernode CRM Account or would like to schedule a consultation to review your customization or unique needs that are only accessible in the legacy edition of Mothernode, complete the form below or call (800) 928-6055.


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