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Mothernode’s Production Dash (List view) is one of many ways Shop Managers can stay on task with everything they have currently being worked on in all departments along with their status. Shop managers and production personnel can easily filter on the jobs and orders they want to see and get a simplified view of where the job is and various statuses by department. Shop workers can also use this screen to view and update the jobs they are working on.

Dashboard: Department and Stages

Departments are color-coded and filed within the stages they belong to. Department initials are used for easy identification. By default, there are 3 stages. They are Pre-Production (for prep), Production (for manufacturing and assembly), Post Production (finishing and shipping). Other stages may be added.

The 3 stages are the titles in the columns. The colored boxes below are the departments within the stage and the colors represent the state of the job in each stage.

Status Legend

Not in useLight blue is used to indicate that the work center isn't currently in use for the job.
In ProgressGreen indicates that the work center is currently working on the job.
CompletedBlue indicates that the work center has completed the job.
Stopped/PausedRed indicates that the job has stopped in the work center.
SkippedYellow means that the job skipped over the work center.
Selected work centerDark grey is used to call out any selected work center when filtering on a work center.
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