Mothernode CRM Updates – April 4 2009 (Release 20094a)

New updates have been published to Mothernode, June 28th 2009
Users should take note of the following:


  • In the Ship/Install Tab: after shipping items, if you refreshed your web browser, the amount shipped would double in the shipping log and would even exceed quantities shipped. Updates to the code now prevent this from occurring.
  • POs created from orders with independent PO items (not items from the order) were not displaying in the Purchase Order Tab in the Order. This has been corrected.
  • Orders that are deleted now change the status of the quote from “won” to “open”.
  • Orders that have been invoiced cannot be recalled, fixing the previous problem enabling this to happen.
  • N/A fields were applied to export files. This caused a problem with the FM reporting, which has also been corrected in the FM Database. To benefit from the reporting fix, users should download the latest FM reporting program from the Mothernode Resources Tab.

Leads and Opportunities 

Significant updates have been made to the L&Os.

  • Leads and Ops are now identified by radio buttons.
  • You can now add contacts from L&O or assign an L&O to an existing contact.
  • Lead Status has been changed from active/in active to open/ won/ lost / Canceled.
  • Opportunity Details now include Type, Stage, Phase, and Probability.
  • Competitors are now tracked. Nationwide competitors have been added. Affiliate Administrators can add their own local competitors.
  • Reports have been update.
  • “Project Total” was changed to “Amount”
  • History is now included for lead dispatching so you can track who the lead has been assigned to.
  • Advanced L&O searching and filtering was included.
  • You can now track L&O dollar activity for Won Actual, Won Assumed, Lost Actual , Lost Assumed, Open Actual, Open Assumed, Cancelled Actual, Cancelled Assumed.
  • Leads will now post to Mothernode from the new ASI Website, launching July 20, 2009. This capability replaces and enables Marketing to dispatch all website leads directly within Mothernode.
  • Mothernode now tracks Leads and Opportunities through to the invoice stage to measure the success of the lead source. Reporting for this activity will be available when there is enough data to report.


  • You can now add a contact after saving a contact. Originally you would return to a previous screen.
  • You can now define a contact as a Marketing contact for campaign enrollment.
  • You can now tag a contact for customer satisfaction surveys.


  • Less Deposit was removed from the total summary of the quote and replaced with the Deposit Required amount, originally available in the header of the quote.
  • Users can now print as quotes as estimates. (Printing with signature will be available July, 2009 for Quotes and Estimates)


  • Invoice detail now shows qty breakdown. Layout was also revised.
  • Ready for invoice list has been updated to include Total Qty Shipped and the PM’s name. You can also Export the Ready for Invoice list to Excel.


  • Order History Tab now includes all records generated in the Mothernode that relate to that order. You can print any invoice, packing slip, PO, deposit invoice and Installation work order from the Order History Tab.
  • Client PO appears on the Order below the date (same position as other printed records)

Ship/Install Tab 

  • Now include Ship All/and Ship None. Clicking ship all will auto populate all quantities to their complete amount eliminating having to manually enter each field. Ship None sets the quantities to 0.
  • You can now record the carrier used to ship the item, along with their tracking number.

Installation Schedule 

  • Install schedule now stamps the appropriate dates in the date range to provide a 10 day install forecast.
  • Mothernode Installations can now sync with iCal and Outlook calendars.

Production Landing Page 

  • The production landing page now includes monthly forecasting based on activity in production, Ready for Invoice and Invoices. This includes current month, previous month data, and two month outlook.


  • File Maker Royalty reporting has been updated to automatically compensate for tiered reporting.

In Development

Critical changes to the program that will be announced and scheduled prior to implementation.

Mothernode Architecture Change

We are making a significant change to Mothernode’s architecture that combines multi-site companies into a single company. This change coincides with the 2009 ASI Franchise Agreement, allowing ASI companies to aggregate sales. Companies with multi-site offices (Iowa group, Minneapolis group, etc.) should take note of the following enhancements and modifications:

All records, such as quotes, orders, invoices, POs, etc., can be viewed within the same list. Each company draws from the same set of sequence numbers and adds the companies prefix before it.


IOWA 10000

IOWA 10001

DENV 10003

CHIC   10004

IOWA 10005

  • Administrators will define which locations their users should have access to. Users can be assigned to single, multiple or all locations within their company group, depending on their interaction with their other companies.
  • Users can filter records by the companies they have permission to see.
  • Data entered into Child companies will move to the parent. Example: Customers, Quotes, Orders, etc in Kansas City will move to St. Louis
  • Child companies will be removed permanently.

Ready For Invoice (Merging invoices)

Per the discussions at the MAY 2009 training, users will be able to rejoin partial shipments to a single invoice, for customers who do not want incremental invoices.

Although we recommend change orders (additions to an order) to be billed separately as different orders/invoices, the aforementioned process will enable users to combine change orders with existing orders so they will appear in a single invoice.

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