Mothernode CRM Updates – October 2017 (Release 20171b)

Release Notes October 2017 (Release 20171b)

Date: October 30, 2017

Release (20171B)

Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes and bug fixes.

• A new data import process has been introduced for importing customer accounts, contacts, and leads and opportunities. This process is re-designed from the ground up and adds a more streamlined view and options for importing data. The revised import combines module importing into one screen. Mothernode will help automatically detect fields based on their type and uses more intuitive logic than the previous detect fields. The import process also pairs potential duplicates and allows users to remove them prior to import. Users can also remove unwanted rows prior to the import. Other modules with import capabilities will be included in the next release. The new importing process now supports CSV and XLS Files.

These updates were also made to the import process:

• When importing customers and contacts users have the option to check for duplicate records within existing data based on First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Customer Name. Mothernode will skip importing records that are matched on the criteria used. Users can access the skipped records from within the import logs in a downloadable CSV file.

Office has been added to the import, allowing users with multiple offices to designate the office in a single list when importing records to Leads, Contacts and Customer Accounts. This option is only available when a user has access to more than one office.

• Notes Text and Notes Reference have been added to the Customer and Contact Imports.

• New website tracking features are now available and work in conjunction with your email marketing features. Mothernode’s website tracking features log and notify users when customers, contacts and prospects are visiting your website, landing pages, blog etc. Users can access this new Module under the Marketing Tab > Visitor Tracking. A new tab will appear in the contact record, if the contact has activity visiting your web pages. See this article to learn how to add Mothernode’s website tracking code to your webpages.

• A new Email Tab has been added to Customer Records, Contact Records and Leads & Opportunities. This tab filters and organizes inbound and outbound email correspondence from the Events feed in the record.

• Modifications were made to record access from listing screens. Now all records open in new tabs. This process preserves record navigation when records are filtered and/or searched.

• Multi-office customers can now batch update records, reassigning them to different offices.

• Additional parameters have been added to email addresses in records. Mothernode will no longer accept or store invalid email addresses.

• Additional information was added to the Attendee listing in the Event Registration module, including how the attendee registered (online or the name of the user who added them), date and time the person was added and the amount paid, which is posted from their Stripe registration.

• Work Orders now include the option to hide completed items when printing. This will hide line items that have been 100% completed. A QTY Completed Column has also been added to the PDF printout, that indicates QTY completed recorded in the WO Competed Tab.

• All dashboards and sales analytics now include clickable links that will filter on the results and allow users to view and adjust those results in the corresponding listing screens.

• Users can now reassign a case to as different location.

• A problem that prevented the vendor contact listing selection from appearing when drop shipping to a vendor has been corrected.

• SMTP Settings have now been added to the user account. The significance of this update is relevant to all users who send emails from within their Mothernode account (not via email marketing). This new feature will use the user’s account information when sending an email from Mothernode. The current process depends on a single account maintained in the customer profile. Although replies will be relayed back to the user who sent the email, the account which sent it (via Mothernode) is not being identified as the user. Adding the SMTP to the user’s profile allowing them to add their own email account settings, resolves this issue. For your email account settings, please contact your local IT administrator. If you send email from Mothernode, you should make these changes. See this article for details.

• Additional load options were added to the Marketing Dashboard to control how much history you want to see in a contact’s follow-up sequence.

• Primary contacts are now listed first in customer records.

• Leads and Opportunities now have a significantly new view option. Card view has been added for improved sales management. Watch this video for details.

• When submitting orders to production, line items that have been held back are now open to edit. Previously these line items could only be updated via change orders. Change orders are still required once the items have been added to production, but are no longer necessary when modifying items that have not.

• Misc. bug fixes

– The Mothernode Team!


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