Release Notes February 2020

Date: February 2020

Release (2019-02A)

Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new modules, features, enhancements, workflow changes, and bug fixes. New tutorials and product videos are available at

A new version of Mothernode Mobile for iOS and Android are now available. Updates for these products are included.

Mothernode Mobile

Mothernode is proud to release a completely re-designed mobile app for Android and iOS devices. In addition to a slick, intuitive interface, mobile users can enjoy powerful updates that include advanced searches, image capture, file uploads and more. Users can also access all of their customizable dashboards from their mobile devices.

New Modules Now Available

Dashboards (All Editions | BETA)

A new Dashboard Module has been added allowing users the ability to create and manage their own catalog of dashboards. Users can keep their dashboards private or make them available within their company group. Users can also define which of their dashboards they want as their defaults for each module. Dashboards can be set as your homepage upon login.

Project Folders (Enterprise Edition)

A new module called Project Folders is now available. Project Folders let users create a single suitcase for all related transactions, such as quotes, orders, invoices, etc. Project Folders assemble all the related information and transactions into one, easy-to-manage screen, including all tasks, emails, history activity for all transactions, and much more. Project Number and Project Name have been added to all custom reports so users can search for transaction records related to a project with ease.

Product Configurator (Professional Edition +)

This module requires inventory. A new product configurator module has been added that lets users conveniently configure complex products with ease. The product configurator is a complete re-design and upgrade to the existing feature that now allows for easier creation of products. It’s ideal for rapid pricing without the need for complex estimating.

Additional Enhancements

• An issue with users being able to create customers without any info has been resolved. Customer name is now required and blank spaces will not allow users to bypass required fields.

• Administrators can now define a default user as the default PO bill-to contact on each newly created PO.

• Users can now export their Marketing Dashboard data to an XLS file. The most current event, number of opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes are reported.

• Currency Codes have been added to onscreen transaction totals.

• Users can now reassign POs to another order if they are currently already assigned to an order.

• Mothernode i2 Version: Order numbers in the listing screen have been modified. The following changes have been applied: MO and MH numbers have been consolidated, and installation numbers have been consolidated. Permits were removed from the listing screen, and Uninvoiced order totals as well as Total Deposits Received have been added to lists and transactions. In order transactions the previously displayed header numbers can be accessed in the order history.

• Additional time saving options have been added for creating and saving contacts in Leads and Opportunities.

• Opt-in/Opted out defaults have been added to lead capture forms. This gives website visitors the opportunity to self opt-in when requesting more information.

• Days in Selling Stage information has been added to opportunity tracking, including an optional feature that will highlight opportunities that have remained in a Selling Stage for longer than the threshold set by the Sales Manager, spotlighting those opportunities that may need help moving forward through the sales funnel. Opportunity searches and reports can also track opportunities based on Selling Stage date change.

• The Follow-up Sequence | Analytics tab has been enhanced to include Unsubscribed, Dropped, Bounced and Complaint data for each step executed within the sequence. The data has been integrated into the Sequence Performance chart and circular charts on the Analytics tab, and an Analytics table has been added as well, including the ability to sort sequence steps by analytic to better compare and understand performance of all steps (email) within a given sequence.

• Sorting records will now save your sort until you press CLEAR. This retaining of the sort matches the retaining of the searches.

File Management:

  • Files that are added to opportunities will now be available in quotes that have been created from the opportunity.
  • File management in records (Customer, Contact, Leads, and Transaction records) and the global File Management function now provides source (location) and link to the source record of the originally uploaded document.
  • Users can now filter files that were added via mobile device.

• In the Invoices module, printed invoices will now display the invoice due date in the upper-left portion of the invoice, provided that the selected payment terms for the invoice are date-specific. If the payment terms are not date-specific, then no due date label or due date will print on the invoice.


  • When editing a contact, the process for re-assigning a contact to another lead or customer has been streamlined for greater ease-of-use.
  • When entering new contacts, the addition of ‘Save + Add’ allows fast entry of multiple contacts.
  • Within Customer/Account Locations, adding and editing contacts within locations has been streamlined for greater ease-of-use.

Custom Reports and Advanced Searches:

  • Leads and Opportunities fields have been added to the Contacts module’s Advanced Searches and Custom Reports. Marketers are now able to build marketing lists based on Lead/Opportunity contact activity including Lead/Opportunity imports into Mothernode CRM.
  • In Step 2 of the Custom Reports add/edit function, users can manage column width and maximum number of characters displayed for fields, providing enhanced user control and report readability.
  • The ‘Client Since’ field maintained in Customer records is now available for Advanced Searches and Custom Reports in the Quotes, Orders and Invoices modules.
  • In the Quotes module, the field Extended Unit Cost has been added to both Advanced Search and Custom Reports, to help determine total line item costs in specified quotes.

• Promo Codes can now be managed at the contact level, and Promo Code data, if available, will be passed to new leads and customers created from the contact. Conversely, leads and customer records that maintain Promo Code data will pass Promo Codes to new contacts created from those records.

• When using the Sync with QuickBooks function, the Export Quotes and Export Invoices lists are now searchable by Quote number and Invoice number respectively, making it easier to identify transactions to be synced.

  • Additionally, customers now have the option of suppressing sub-items when syncing Quotes from Mothernode to Quickbooks. This option is managed under Administration | API Connections | QuickBooks Online.

• Accounting staff can now specify an As-of date when running A/R Aging Reports, so they can view a snapshot of A/R activity going back to a prior date.

• The Emails tab in Contact, Customer and Vendor records displays received and sent correspondence, with access to view and download email attachments.

• Tasks flagged as high priority now appear with a red High Priority label in the Task list, and High will appear in red in the Task add/edit window and in dispatch notifications, for stronger identification of high priority tasks.

Misc. bug fixes and enhancements were also addressed.

– The Mothernode Team

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