Setting-up Online Invoice Payment Options in Mothernode CRM

Mothernode CRM provides the ability to electronically send invoices and deposit invoices, and give customers the option of paying online via credit card or ACH payment methods.

In Mothernode CRM, credit card payments are managed by Stripe, and ACH payments are managed by Plaid.

If you do not have accounts setup yet with Stripe and/or Plaid, this will need to be your first step in the setup process. Please contact Stripe and Plaid directly to setup these accounts and gain access to the API keys that will enable the interface and invoice payment capability with Mothernode CRM.

Stripe Setup for Credit Card Processing

Setup in Mothernode CRM for both credit card and ACH processing is accomplished by accessing the Administration menu, selecting API Connections, and then clicking the Payments tab:

To complete the Stripe setup for credit card processing, login to your Stripe account, and from the dashboard select API Keys from the Developers Menu:

Locate the Secret Key and Publishable Key in the API Keys window:

Copy the Secret Key and Publishable Key and paste this information into the Payments tab in Mothernode CRM:

Additionally, under Settings, you can determine a maximum amount for credit card payments if you are concerned about paying high credit card fees for large invoice payments. If a payment is above the specified maximum under Settings, then the credit card payment option will not appear to the payer. The ACH payment method (through Plaid) will display as an available option if it has been setup in Mothernode. Leave the Settings  field blank if you do not want to enforce a maximum credit card payment amount.

Click Save to save the keys and settings.

Plaid Setup for ACH Processing

Plaid setup is accomplished on the same Payments tab in Mothernode CRM.

To complete the Plaid setup for ACH payment processing, login to your Plaid account, and access Keys from the Account Menu.

From the Keys display copy the Client ID, Secret Key and Public Key and paste this information into the corresponding Plaid fields on the Payments tab in Mothernode CRM, followed by clicking Save:

Invoice Payment Receipts

When an invoice or deposit invoice payment is made online, you and specified team members can receive an emailed payment receipt for immediate notification.

From the Administration menu, access Settings, General tab. Under Invoice Payment Receipts, enter the email addresses of those that should receive a copy of the emailed receipt (Separate email addresses with a comma if more than one email address is specified):

When the payer makes a credit card or ACH payment, and the payment is submitted and approved, both the payer and contacts on the above payment receipt list will be immediately emailed.


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