Syncing customers and vendors with identical names to QuickBooks

In rare but possible instances, you may have vendors that are also your customers (meaning you purchase from and sell to the same business), and therefore they are listed in both the Customer Module and Vendor Module in your Mothernode CRM account.

For Mothernode customers who sync their purchase orders and invoices to QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) or QuickBooks Online (QBO) this could pose a problem because QuickBooks doesn’t differentiate these two records the same way Mothernode does. Simply put, QuickBooks will not allow Customers that are being synched to have the same (identical) name as a Vendor. Therefore the solution is to modify the syntax of either the Customer Name or Vendor Name in your Mothernode Account.


Customer Name: Acme, Inc

Vendor Name: Acme, Inc (V)

Appending the letter (V) to the vendor name will help distinguish the records in QBD and QBO and eliminate errors in the synching process.

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