Outlook and Gmail Integrations

Mothernode Administrators can provide users with a unique API key that allows each user to connect their Gmail and Outlook Applications (PC Only) to their Mothernode Accounts. This will give the users access to their Mothernode calendars and contacts from within the native application environment. Administrators can restrict permissions, limiting […]


Users are required to set and maintain their own passwords. Only users can change their passwords. If a user forgets his or her password they can initiate a secure reset process to update their information. Administrators can initiate the password reset process for a user, but cannot assign a password […]


Audit logs are part of our commitment to security. Mothernode data engineers and customer administrators have access to data logs that let track user access and activity. Local admins have the ability to restore any deleted data, without the support of Mothernode staff.

Content Marketing

This tutorial demonstrates the basics of content marketing in Mothernode CRM and how marketers can activate and deactivate content requests based on a recipient’s clicks and interests.