Activity Log

The Activity Log allows administrators to view user activity.  To access the activity log follow the instructions below.

  1. Login to Mothernode
  2. Go to the Administration menu
  3. Click the Session Activity option

(1) Search – Used to run basic search queries
(2) Advanced Search – This button expands the view, allowing the user to run advanced search options, shown within the red box
(3) Activity Date – This column captures the date of the activity
(4) Activity – This column captures the type of activity recorded
(5) Description – This column provides details on the type of activity recorded
(6) Module/Record – This column provides the record type and number for the activity logged
(7) User – This column shows the user responsible for the activity
(8) IP Address – This column captures the IP address of the user
(9) Restore – This option will appear when a record has been deleted. Clicking this link will restore deleted record

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