Managing Saved Searches

The Manage Saved Searches function allows users to edit and delete their searches. Administrators can create popular searches and share them with their team. How to edit, remove and share saved searches. From the module listing screen, select Managed Saved Searches in the saved searches list. 2. The Managed Saved […]

Creating Saved Searches

Mothernode CRM lets users build powerful data searches in every listing Modules, like customers, contacts, quotes, etc. When building your search criteria, users have the option to SAVE their searches, which is particular beneficial when needing to filter complex data on a routine basis. How to Save Searches The following […]

Setting User SMTP Settings in your User Account

Mothernode gives users the ability to send emails from within their Customer, Contacts and Lead and Opportunity records. The advantage of this process is users can use predefined email templates that can include merge fields from their Mothernode database tables. All emails sent from within Mothernode are copied to the […]

Configuring Value Lists

Mothernode includes default standard drop-down value lists throughout its various modules, but this is the point where we determine which ones you’ll want to change. One final note. These drop-down value lists will change over time, it’s a guarantee that at some point you’ll want to edit these as your […]

Adding Inventory Items to Transactions

When working with transactions, such as quotes, orders, and purchase orders, Mothernode offers a variety of ways to add your goods and services to line items. It’s one of the few CRMs that has a built-in Inventory Management module, that’s available in Mothernode’s premium CRM plans. Mothernode customers can stock […]

Posting Invoice Payments to Xero

Mothernode CRM lets users register payments to invoices in Mothernode and apply the same payment (and payment history to Xero. Users can post both full and partial payments. The process is seamless and doesn’t require any synchronization with Xero. Posting Payments Click the Accounting Tab in the main menu Click Invoices to access your […]