Importing Inventory

Mothernode CRM includes an advanced inventory module that gives customers greater controls and options when it comes to managing their goods and services. Unlike the basic Products and Services Modules, Mothernode’s Inventory module is available in select editions. For more information contact a Mothernode CRM product expert or your account […]

Inventory Import Templates

Using Inventory Import Templates When it comes to importing Inventory into Mothernode CRM, users can import their list of goods and services into Mothernode CRM using a standard Microsoft XLS or CSV file. To simplify this process, you can use the Mothernode CRM XLS Templates that contain the necessary fields for import. […]

How to customize record statuses

Throughout various Mothernode workflows, record statuses are used to guide transactions through different phases of the sales and order fulfillment processes. These statuses are used to indicate where records are within the delivery process and alert users to certain types of activities. For example, when an Order is COMPLETE, it lets […]

ConstructConnect CRM Integration

Mothernode CRM lets ConstructConnect customers conveniently receive or import information from their ConstructConnect Account into their leads and opportunities. You must be a ConstructConnect Insight Customer in order to use these features. For more information about ConstructConnect and their plans, contact a ConstructConnect representative. For instructions on how to export project […]

Creating user lists in records

Mothernode customers that have many users within their organization will want to reduce the total number of users who may be assigned to certain transactions or customer accounts. By default, all users appear in selection lists, but Mothernode Administrators can customize these list to only include relevant users in the selection. […]

Migrating Data to Mothernode CRM

This article is for customers who want to import their existing Salesforce data into Mothernode CRM. This feature is available in all editions of Mothernode CRM, including Mothernode CRM Trial Accounts. Users must have access to their account and have the necessary access rights to export their Salesforce […]

Building dynamic email signatures

When creating standard emails to use within a Mothernode Marketing sequence customers will often want to personalize the email by adding a signature. This, of course, can be done but if the email template will be used by multiple users when emailing their contacts, then a dynamic signature is the […]