Creating leads from hot prospects

When reviewing your real-time delivery data in the Mothernode CRM marketing dashboard users have the ability to manually create new leads for highly engaged contacts. In the event that the contact is not already a lead or opportunity in your Mothernode account, you can create a new lead and assign […]

Exporting Marketing Data

Mothernode CRM provides users with a variety of built-in reporting solutions that give marketers that ability to report their campaign and sequence activity. Users who wish to further process their data in spreadsheets can do this by exporting their dashboard data to an XLS file. Access the Mothernode Marketing Dashboard […]

Sorting data on-screen

When filtering and viewing your data on-screen users have the ability to sort the columns in the listing modules to help further refine their view. Users can sort data in ascending and descending orders by clicking the column headings in the list. Users can apply filters first and then sort […]

Fixing Transaction Spacing

When creating transactions such as Quotes, Orders, and Purchase Orders, some times you might encounter situations where your line items could leave dead space or too much white space between the last line item and the footer. This is more common in word processing software, but the issues are relatively […]

Deleting Opportunities (Conditions)

When working with records such as Leads and Opportunities users can dismiss records by changing their status to lost of canceled (recommended) or in some cases deleting the recorded. Mothernode CRM will let you delete a lead and an opportunity so long as there is no activity created from the […]

Searching multiple records

When working in listing screens, Mothernode CRM gives you the ability to search multiple records using its live view search. You can accomplish this by including spaces between transaction numbers. As you add valid transaction numbers they will appear in the list. Example 100 102 104 This can be accomplished […]

Side Panel

When working in leads and opportunities, customer accounts, contacts or vendors, the side panel gives users tremendous ability when it comes to managing their interactions with their respective contacts. It’s designed to log all of your activity about the record, including emails, appointments, notes and more. Side Panel Overview 1. […]

Record Searching 101

When working in Mothernode CRM users have a few options when it comes to searching for data. The standard search bar at the top of each listing screen provides the convenience of quickly searching for records by transaction number or name or reference. Criteria are dependent on the module you […]

How to set First Name, Last Name views in Contacts

When working in Mothernode CRM’s Contacts Module users have the ability to determine how they would like to have their contact information displayed in the list by either First Name, Last Name or Last Name, First Name. This setting is specific to each user and the view they select will not impact […]

Mothernode CRM Updates – June, 2019 (Release 2019-02A) | PRODUCT UPGRADE & VERSION CHANGE

PRODUCT UPGRADE & VERSION CHANGE Release Notes June 2019 (Release 2019-02A) Date: June 15, 2019 Release (2019-02A) Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, […]