Custom Development and Application Customization

Custom Development and Application Customization

Every business has unique needs that require tailored solutions in order to achieve optimal results. Our fully featured application boasts a wide range of capabilities, but we also offer the ability for customers to request additional customizations or changes. We handle each request on a case-by-case basis during the implementation process. However, we would like to note that most custom requests will require application programming and may require a quote for the customer’s approval. Depending on the request, these changes may or may not be included in all the Mothernode accounts. We believe in seamless integration and will work diligently to fulfill all custom requests in an efficient and professional manner. 

The three ways in which Mothernode addresses requests for custom development are as follows:

1) Consideration for future requests: If a customer suggests a feature that is beneficial to all Mothernode users, the company will consider adding it in a future update. This means that the suggested feature may not be immediately implemented but could be included in a subsequent release or update of the software.

2) Rush charge for expedited development: If a customer wants a custom feature to be implemented sooner than the regular development timeline, Mothernode may offer a rush charge. This means that the customer would need to pay an additional fee to prioritize their request and have it developed and implemented more quickly.

3) Quote for specific workflow customization: If a customer’s request is specific to their own workflow and does not have a broader appeal to other users, Mothernode will provide a custom quote for the development of that feature. This means that the customer will receive a cost estimate for the customization, which may vary depending on the complexity and scope of the requested feature.

These approaches allow Mothernode to address customer requests for custom development in a flexible manner, taking into account the potential benefits to all users, the urgency of the request, and the specific needs of individual customers. For more information about application customization, contact your Mothernode account manager for details.

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