Creating Task Templates

Mothernode CRM allows users to create task templates that can be selected and used repeatedly for common tasks. Additionally, task templates may include a list of categorized sub-tasks that act as steps toward completing a primary task, all within a single ‘parent’ task record. Creating Task Templates Access Tasks from […]

Dispatching Tasks

Mothernode CRM enables users to assign tasks to other users and then dispatch (email) the task to them, once it has been input and saved. Dispatching Tasks Enter the task, ensuring that all applicable fields are complete and instructions are clear. Select the user to assign the task to from […]


Mothernode CRM records provide the ability to enter, dispatch and manage tasks related to a record, or the user can also enter a general task from the Global Tasks List. Record types supporting Tasks include Customers, Contacts, Leads/Opportunities and Mothernode transactions. Tasks can be input and managed from the Tasks […]

Using Marketing Tags with Email Templates

Marketing tags are a powerful and convenient way for marketers to categorize and segment their contacts within Mothernode. This process can be either manual or automatic. In manual cases, users can assign a marketing tag to an individual contact record, use the Batch Update function to add tags to multiple […]

Disconnecting API Connnection from within QuickBooks

Admins have the ability to disconnect their Mothernode CRM API connections from within their Mothernode CRM accounts. To do this, follow these steps. However, you can also terminate the API connection from within QuickBooks Online. Admins can also follow these steps to verify the Mothernode Connection has been removed. Login […]

Follow-up sequences analytics

Mothernode CRM gives digital marketers the analytics they need to monitor the success of their follow-up sequences. Each sequence has its own analytics dashboard console that can help you improve, refine and understand the content your recipients are most interested in. Once your sequence is in motion and your digital […]

Creating leads from hot prospects

When reviewing your real-time delivery data in the Mothernode CRM marketing dashboard users have the ability to manually create new leads for highly engaged contacts. In the event that the contact is not already a lead or opportunity in your Mothernode account, you can create a new lead and assign […]

Exporting Marketing Data

Mothernode CRM provides users with a variety of built-in reporting solutions that give marketers that ability to report their campaign and sequence activity. Users who wish to further process their data in spreadsheets can do this by exporting their dashboard data to an XLS file. Access the Mothernode Marketing Dashboard […]

Sorting data on-screen

When filtering and viewing your data on-screen users have the ability to sort the columns in the listing modules to help further refine their view. Users can sort data in ascending and descending orders by clicking the column headings in the list. Users can apply filters first and then sort […]