Adding Title Images to Event Pages

When creating Event Registration pages in Mothernode, you can add your own hero graphic to compliment the title of the event. The title graphic dimensions are 720 X 350. Images should be in JPG format and optimized for quick loading. You can right click on the image below and use it […]

Performing Batch Updates

Batch Update is a powerful, time-saving function that enables the updating of a specific field across multiple records with just one single action. Common examples include, but are not limited to, re-assignment of numerous customer accounts from a former account representative to a new one, or updating record status for […]

Viewing Skipped Records

When importing customers and contacts into Mothernode CRM, by default duplicate records will be skipped based on a select criteria. For example, when importing contacts, by default Mothernode CRM will check for duplicates based on first name, last name and email address.  Once the import is complete, Mothernode will log […]

Undoing Imports

In the event that you made a mistake when importing your data and need to remove the imported records, in either customers, contacts, vendors or leads and opportunities, you can undo your imports via the Import Log. The import log records all of the imports performed throughout various modules and […]

Mass emailing from within Mothernode CRM

Mothernode CRM gives subscribers the ability to email up to 25,000 emails per month to customers, contacts, leads and opportunities. Users can create intelligent lead nurture sequences or simply broadcast emails to a select group of contacts based on parameters they define. This video will help you get started using Mothernode […]

Progress Invoicing

Mothernode CRM Enterprise Customers have the ability to create sales orders and invoices within their accounts. Progress invoicing can be used in special circumstances where milestone payments are accepted throughout the fulfillment process. Rather than the traditional billing model of shipping, installing or completing line items in order to invoice […]

Managing Your Sales Pipeline in Mothernode CRM

Whether you’re using Mothernode CRM for yourself or with your Sales Team, this quick video gives you everything you need to know about how to get started managing your sales pipeline using Mothernode CRM. This short tutorial demonstrates how simple it is to track and prioritize your sales activity and showcases the […]

How to install website visitor tracking code

Mothernode CRM allows users to install website visitor tracking code on their websites, landing pages, blogs and more. The tracking code is used to log visitor activity and notify users when their contacts, customers and prospects are visiting any of their web pages. Detailed statistics are captured and available in […]

How to filter customer and prospect contacts

Mothernode CRM stores all your contacts in the same table. This means that some of your contacts may be associated with Customer Accounts, while others may be associated with Lead or Opportunities, and it’s even possible that some contacts are neither, and just part of a mailing list. Assuming your […]