Creating leads from hot prospects

When reviewing your real-time delivery data in the Mothernode CRM marketing dashboard users have the ability to manually create new leads for highly engaged contacts. In the event that the contact is not already a lead or opportunity in your Mothernode account, you can create a new lead and assign it to a user on your team. The process will dispatch the lead to the assigned user.

NOTE: This manual process is an alternative to the automatic lead creation and assignment based on lead score. Click here to learn more about automating this process.

  1. Access the Marketing Dashboard from the Marketing menu
  2. Only contacts that are not part of existing leads and opportunities can be added. If you see the create lead button, you can execute this process. 
  3. Find a contact that you want to create a lead for 
  4. In the dialog box, add basic information to start the lead 

Complete the following fields in the New Lead window to create a new lead for the contact in the marketing list, and assigning it to a designated user.

  1. Select the user you want to assign the lead to
  2. Add a reference to distinguish the new opportunity
  3. The prospect name will be the name of the company used in the contact’s account. You can override the name if you need to
  4. Set a probability score
  5. Add an estimated value
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