Showing and Hiding Contacts in Leads and Opportunities

When creating a lead or opportunity from scratch you typically need to add 1-3 contacts on average. But when you create an opportunity from an existing customer account, you could be overwhelmed with the number of contacts that appear in the opportunity record. By design, Mothernode brings in all the contacts assigned to the customer account, including associated contacts. More often than not, this isn’t really an issue, but in the case where there are several contacts in the opportunity and not all are related, Mothernode has a solution that allows you to hide the contacts you don’t want to see.

When working in a Lead or Opportunity you can hide contacts you don’t want to see by following these easy directions.

  1. In the Contacts section of the record, click the EYE icon.
  2. From the list of available Contacts that you can show or hide for this opportunity, simply select or deselect which contacts you want to see in the record. When done, click Close.
  3. You will now only see the contacts that you want to see associated with the opportunity.


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