File Cabinet size limits and restrictions

New: File size limits increasing in 2024

Mothernode includes a file Cabinet Module that allows each customer to upload and store files with customers, contacts, vendors prospects, and transactions. This includes files that may need to be accessible internally, such as brochures, vendor pricing lists, instructions, and other documents as well as any documents you may typically share with your customers and prospects.

Mothernode Enterprise Customers are allotted 100GB of disk space with their account and can upload files with a max file size of 100 MB. Some accounts may have more or less depending on the edition or terms of the customer’s agreement. Contact your Mothernode representative for more information regarding your account and how you can add more files.


Mothernode should not be a replacement for local file storage, shared network drives, or backup file systems. When uploading files to Mothernode CRM, users should upload files that pertain to customer accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities, and transactions that are within the file size restrictions.

Mothernode, LLC reserves the right to ban customers or suspend accounts for uploading and storing content that violates local, state, and federal laws.

For linking to external files, see the article on External Links


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