Importing Color Charts

When using Mothernode CRM’s Product Configurator for simple and accurate estimating, Mothernode lets users assign specific colors to applicable products. For added convenience, Mothernode has compiled a listing of vendor-specific colors that are available when using the Mothernode Product Configurator to assemble third-party products.

IMPORTANT: This listing is provided by Mothernode CRM and was NOT created by the vendors listed, nor are they maintained by them. Each list contains RGB values, that were sampled from respective sources to provide a visual representation of their colors, on-screen, in Mothernode. These are NOT official RGB values provided by the vendor and should not be used for color matching or swatch creation. For official color information please contact each vendor source directly. All other information corresponds with the vendor’s item codes, names, etc.

These color lists are publically accessible online or have been made available by their respective vendors. The data in the available XLS files has been formatted for Mothernode CRM Inventory.

Color Templates for Download

ASI Stanard Colors [ Download ]

Company: ASI Sign Systems Inc.

Description: Used with all ASI Stanard Products produced by ASI Manufacturing companies.


Matthews Paint [ Download ]

Company: Matthews Paint (MPC)

Description: Matthews paint color chart for manufactures using MP Colors, MP Mettalic Selections, Proseco, and other factory mixed colors.


Modulex Colors [ Download ]

Company: Modulex A/S

Description: Modulex standard colors for Modulex proprietary products including Pacific, Compass, Breeze, etc.


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