QuickBooks Sales Tax (QuickBooks Desktop)

QuickBooks Sales Tax (QuickBooks Desktop)

When importing into QuickBooks, you will need to manually enter sales tax percentages into your Sales Tax line items. The way QuickBooks is designed, sales tax line items must manually be assigned a percentage and a payee. When exporting from Mothernode to QuickBooks Desktop, we’ve created a sales tax item code for you that will indicate for you what percentage rate was used within Mothernode. 

For example, you may see TX 8.25 in your QuickBooks sales tax item list. The first time you are assigning this sales tax item, you will need to set the percentage in QuickBooks and assign the payee. The next time TX 8.25 imports it will automatically calculate your invoices correctly. 

This needs to happen any time you have a new sales tax item. You will need to double-check your sales tax reports if you have numerous sales tax line items to verify you’ve caught any new imports. 

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