Removing Lines in Campaign Emails Viewed in Outlook

Mothernode CRM’s Marketing Campaign email templates are designed to display marketing email beautifully and consistently across many types of email programs and web browsers. However, various email marketing programs including Mothernode CRM have experienced a bug in Outlook, in which the email displayed in Outlook may include one or more […]

Managing Transaction Footer Terms

Transaction Footer Terms Mothernode CRM’s Transaction Footer Terms allow customers to apply standard terms and critical notes to primary transaction types including quotes, orders, purchase orders and invoices.  Footer terms are created and managed in the Transactions section of the Administration Settings menu. For example, if you determine that a […]

Invoice Export Options in Mothernode CRM

On the Mothernode CRM Invoices screen, multiple invoice data export features are available in the upper-right portion of the screen: These options produce export files in a .xls format, in which Export w/ LI is a more recent addition that also provides a list of invoices but adds specific line item […]

Mothernode CRM Sales Manager Notifications

Sales Managers that assign leads to their sales staff can receive automated notifications from Mothernode CRM, in an effort to stay up-to-date on all assigned lead activities, including: When someone changes the status of a Lead/Opportunity (ex. Won, Lost) When someone posts a note, calendar event or correspondence in the […]

Edit Sales and Project Manager Selection Lists

In an effort to efficiently manage selection lists in Mothernode CRM, Administrators can edit the Sales Rep and Project Manager selection lists that appear in Customer, Contact, Quote, Order and Work Order records.  This enables Administrators to specify only those Mothernode CRM users that should appear on Sales Rep or […]

Mothernode CRM to Xero Communication: Mapped Fields

Invoice, Item, Payment, and Purchase Order data can be communicated between Mothernode CRM and Xero using Xero’s API. A Mothernode Enterprise CRM Subscription and a Xero Online account are required. Following is a complete list of the Mothernode CRM fields that map to Xero, with the names of the corresponding […]