Release Notes May 2020

Date: May 2020 Release (2020-01A) Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes, and bug fixes. New tutorials and product videos are […]

Resolve Campaign Email Not Displaying Properly

If one of your campaign email recipients notes that their email did not display properly, and you confirmed that your campaign email template was successfully designed and tested, then it’s possible that the recipient’s email program is preventing the email from opening as designed with all images. There are two […]

Sender Information in Mothernode CRM Email Marketing

When setting-up Email Marketing Campaigns and Follow-up Sequences in Mothernode CRM, users specify the sender’s name and email address that will appear in the campaign email viewed by the recipient. The recipient will always see the desired sender’s name and email address, and clicking Reply will always direct reply email […]

Fix Mothernode Email Sending Issues

If you attempt to send an email to a contact from Mothernode, but the email does not send, with message displayed “Email not sent, please try again“, then a couple of brief steps will typically resolve the issue. 1. Review your email (SMTP) settings in your account. If needed, have […]

Customer Profile – Transactions Tab

Mothernode CRM increases efficiency and productivity by providing the ability to accomplish a significant amount of work directly from the Customer Profile record, including but not limited to managing correspondence, notes, customer contacts, files, tasks and all transactions tied to the customer: All Customer Opportunities, Quotes and Deposits are easily accessible […]

Dispatching Leads / Attaching Leads to Customers

The Actions dropdown menu within the Lead/Opportunity record provides important quick-access options:   From the Actions Menu, you can quickly: Create a new Quote that will be linked to the Lead/Opportunity. Convert the Lead/Opportunity to a Customer, if the Lead/Opportunity is not currently tied to a Customer, and the Customer does […]

Mothernode CRM Outlook Plugin – Invalid Credentials

If you have previously successfully installed the Mothernode CRM Outlook Plugin, and you now see the Invalid Credentials message appear during your Outlook session, this is an indication that your Mothernode Outlook Add-in settings are not 100% accurate. It’s recommended to access the Mothernode Outlook Plugin settings, and if needed, […]

Google Calendar Sync – Reset Connection

If your sync connection between Google Calendar and Mothernode becomes inactive, there’s a quick and easy process to completely remove all connections and then re-sync. Attempting to re-sync your connection from the Google Account tab in your Mothernode My Account settings will typically work, but if you experience an error […]