Configuring Value Lists

Mothernode includes default standard drop-down value lists throughout its various modules, but this is the point where we determine which ones you’ll want to change.

One final note. These drop-down value lists will change over time, it’s a guarantee that at some point you’ll want to edit these as your business and processes mature. Nevertheless, it’s important to get you started with the refining the options that are relevant to your business today.

Examples of Value Lists

These are a couple of examples of drop-down value lists to help illustrate their use.

Lead Source

This is an important list that will allow you to track your revenue by your various sales channels. Some examples are:

  • Referral
  • Lead Service
  • Cold Call
  • Website
  • Direct Mail

Payment Terms

In your business, you may have a variety of payment options. We’ve provided a basis of some common ones to choose from, but you can reinvent this list to be your own. Examples of payment terms would be.

  • Net 30
  • 50% balance net 30
  • COD

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