Default Settings – Relationship, Source, & Est. Lead Time

The Relationship, Source, and Est. Lead Time fields can be set to have default values. Setting default values for these three fields will allow new records to automatically default to your selections upon creation. Follow the instructions below to set  your default values.

  1. Login to Mothernode
  2. Go to the Administration tab
  3. Locate and click the System Defaults menu option
  4. Within the Profile tab, locate the Market Segment area to set the defaults for the RelationshipSource, and Est. Lead Time fields.
  5.  Click Save to finalize changes

In the image above, we see that the default value for the Relationship field has been set to Buyer, the default value for the Source field has been set to Direct Mail Campaign, and the Est. Lead Time field has been set to 3 – 4 weeks.

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