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Many email service providers (ESPs) monitor bounce rates and will take action if bounce rates increase too much. A hard bounce rate of 5% or above is enough to cause most ESPs to reach out or take action to restrict your sending, although some allow as high as 8% hard bounces.

The number one reason we see people get blocked is that they have a bad mailing list. Don’t purchase your list or scrape websites for emails. It’s the easy way out and you will pay the consequences. Most of these lists have bad email addresses and include spam traps. ESPs are very good at recognizing bad mailing lists.

You should only send emails to people that have opted into receiving your emails on YOUR website. In addition, you should be sending a verification email with a link that confirms their subscription (double opt-in) to make sure their email address is correct and that they are the person that signed up. If everyone did this, the world would be a better place.

You should have your Privacy Policy easily accessible on your website. In addition, you should have a place on your website where users can unsubscribe from your mailings, in addition to a link in every email you send.

While Mothernode must rely on you to be responsible for how you procure your mailing list, we do track and give you data to easily see how your emails are being received. Mothernode gives you information for bounces, unsubscribes, complaints opens and clicks so that you can modify your mailing lists appropriately. In addition, we automate a lot of the work by keeping track of recipients that have unsubscribed, bounced or complained and stopping future deliveries to those recipients.

*The contents of this article are provided by Mothernode the MN ESB to help Mothernode customers establish best practices for their email marketing.

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