Mothernode email marketing event definitions

When using Mothernode’s email marketing features for mass emailing or lead nurture sequences, Mothernode will report back delivery and read information for all emails sent. Mothernode uses event definitions to inform the user of what happened to the email(s) sent, so users can take further action if necessary.

The following definitions are used to report delivery status when sending emails from Mothernode.

  • Delivered – Mothernode sent the email and it was accepted by the recipient email server.
  • Opened – The email recipient opened the email and enabled image viewing.
  • Clicked –  The email recipient clicked on a link in the email.
  • Unsubscribed – The email recipient clicked on the unsubscribe link.
  • Stored – The inbound email was successfully stored.
  • Rejected – The email was rejected by the recipient’s mail server.
  • Complained – The email recipient clicked on the spam complaint button and the recipient’s email server provides feedback loops to Mothernode for these complaints.
  • Temporary Fail – Mothernode could not deliver the email to the recipient email server, but will retry. Usually due to soft bounces and ESP throttling.
  • Permanent Fail – Mothernode could not deliver the email to the recipient email server, and will drop the message. The common reason is Mothernode received a hard bounce or repeatedly received soft bounces.

Mothernode automatically handles bounced emails. The bounced addresses are collected in a bounces list and subsequent delivery attempts are ignored to protect your sending reputation. … Fetches a single bounce event by a given email address.

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