Quote Printing Options

Mothernode users can print quotes as PDFs or send them electronically. Mothernode users have the following options when printing their quotes. These print options are also retained when sending the quote electronically. Print options are saved, so the next time you print a quote, you will know how the quote was previously printed.

Include Signature: This option is only available when the user’s signature is on file.

Exclude Totals: Selecting this option omits all subtotals, taxes, discounts and totals from printing on the quote and only displays line items and their costs.

Hide Item Name: Removes the item name column from the printout.

Hide Quantity: Removes the qty column from the printout.

Hide UOM: Removes the unit of measure column from the printout.

Hide Unit Price: Removes the unit price column from the printout.

Hide Discount: Removes the discount from the printout.

Hide Extension: Removes the extended price column from the printout.

Show Sub Items: Reveals sub items in the printout.

+ Deposit Invoices: Will append deposit invoices to the quote printout.

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