Sorting data on-screen

When filtering and viewing your data on-screen users have the ability to sort the columns in the listing modules to help further refine their view. Users can sort data in ascending and descending orders by clicking the column headings in the list. Users can apply filters first and then sort their data.

Sorting data on-screen will sort the data in your standard reports. If you want to know more about sorting data in customer reports, click here.

Numerical Sorting: When sorting numerical values, Mothernode will display lowest to highest or highest to lowest values first, depending on the sort criteria you choose.

Alphabetical Sorting: When sorting on text columns, Mothernode will sort columns alphabetically, either displaying A-Z or Z-A.

Date Sorting: When sorting by date, Mothernode lets the user list record from newest to oldest or oldest to newest.

By default, all customers and contacts are sorted alphabetically and all transactions are sorted by the most current record added.

How to sort records on screen

IMPORTANT: When selecting a new sort criteria, your sort will remain active until you reset it by clicking the clear button, changing your sort criteria or logging out of your Mothernode account.

  1. Access a listing module
  2. Click one of the column headers to sort
  3. Click again to reverse the sort criteria
  4. To return the module to its default sort click the CLEAR button in the search.



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